Tra di Noi Ristorante Serves Authentic Italian Cuisine

Situated in Malibu is a community with shops and restaurants, just off of Pacific Coast Highway. In that community of shops sits Tra di Noi Ristorante. The quaint eatery, surrounded by a courtyard is the dining spot for locals and tourists. It is there where the Rotary Club of Malibu met and enjoyed a culinary journey to Italy.

Tarcisio Mosconi, the owner of this fine restaurant is a man of passion who enjoys his patrons. Often times, celebrities such as Bob Dylan, Barbera Streisand, Rod Stewart enjoy the privacy of the VIP room where the Rotary Club has their dinners.

The Journey

I ordered the Calamari e Gamberi Fritti, consisting of sweet and spicy aoli, balsamic reduction with micro herbs. That is indeed a light starter for a culinary journey to Italy.

Then I ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara, prepared with crispy bacon and Parmesan cheese sauce without egg.

Having a hungry appetite, I ordered Branzino Alla Grigia, a Mediterranean striped bass served with organic vegetables and aromatic Sicilian olive oil.

A very enticing dish.

Bianca Torrance, the President of Malibu Rotary and William Wishard, the President of Record and Chair both were very impressed with this jewel in Malibu.

The journey was terrific and the ambiance was wonderful.

Tra di Noi Ristorante is located at 3835 Cross Creek Road, Malibu 90265. Hours of operation are from 12 pm until 10 pm, with Sunday Brunch from 12 PM to 2 PM.
Reservations are encouraged by calling 310-456-0169.

Celebrity Scene News awards 5 stars to Tarcisio Mosconi and his restaurant for his concept in fabulous food preparation and wonderful friendly service.

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William Wishard, Pete Allman, Tarcisio Mosconi, Bianca Torrence, John Johannessen.

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