Pure Moving Shows Other Moving Companies How To Do Their Job

There is no shortage of moving companies around the USA, but the truth is that most of them are horrible. Each year, many start up and some shut down. Many believe that moving is a really simple business, but they soon discover that it is easy to fail their customers. In this sea of bad companies, Pure Moving stands out and shows even the large firms what has to be done to grow and offer a stellar service.

Pure Moving Company appeared on the scene around 6 years ago. Instead of heavily investing in advertising to start growing, it relied on hard work and what customers were saying about them. As time passed, the company grew to service more than 5000 clients each year. All through word-of-mouth advertising and happy repeat customers.

The Success Basis

Pure Moving established three principles of work early on:

  • Never overcharge clients.
  • Always deliver exactly what is promised or more.
  • Care for the clients.

Thanks to these three basics, Pure Moving are one of the most recommended companies in California.

Online Reviews And Promotion

At a local level, many clients that were satisfied and kept recommending the movers to friends and family members. But Pure Moving realized this is not enough. So they decided to also have a strong presence on the internet. Now they have customers who simply keep writing review after review, reaching thousands more on the internet.

Licensing And Insurance

Transparency was really important for Pure Moving. The management team took the necessary steps for the company’s services to keep being recommended. Because of that work, licensing was soon to follow. Pure Moving is now licensed by the California Public Utility Commission. The State permit can only be offered after insurance is well established, employees go through criminal background checks (this actually includes checks done by the FBI) and safety and financial fitness are proved.

Yelp Reviews

People want to be sure their valuables will be properly taken care of. Pure Moving shows this by allowing every customer to write a Yelp review of the services they received. A quick look at the company’s Yelp profile shows thousands of 5 star reviews. This proves that clients get exactly what they want: a safe shipping experience from point A to point B, no matter the case or what is transported.

Most people using the Pure Moving service eventually need to move other items. The company knows they will be contacted first. This is the type of legacy the company built around it. Now, when people in Orange County look for movers, Pure Moving are often the first considered. Thanks to all the positive reviews, when people want to analyze how work should be done in the industry or what to expect when moving, the company is there as a great example.

Pure Moving shows other moving companies how to do their job.
Pure Moving Company staff loading a truck.