SOI 56 A Quaint and Contemporary Eatery You’ll Be Pleased With

If you haven’t traveled to Bangkok and explored their cuisine, now is the time. However, if you’re unable to do this, the next best thing is to visit SOI 56 Bangkok. Located between Selma and Sunset, this quaint and contemporary eatery is an experience you’ll be pleased with. Amanda Kutee and Kary Noochia-or, are the owners who are exceptional hosts and very attractive.

It’s always nice to have guests when you’re dining out. Joseph Collins, the CEO of Punch Television and his guest, along with my guest, Valorie Mc Connell had some great conversations while indulging in some of the finest Thai cuisine I’ve had in a long time. One of the reasons is the family legacy. Amanda and Kary’s parents opened their first restaurant in Hollywood 35 years ago.

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So, what’s not to like about SOI 56 Bangkok. Here’s what we shared- family style. Starting with the appetizers, Chile Garden Shrimp, Tangy Sticky Ribs, Spicy Roasted Green Peas, and Wanton Rapped Shrimp served with a Mango Coconut dip. That in-it is a meal- and all for $5.00 to $10.00 an appetizer. At times my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

We’ll I couldn’t resist the Piquanrimpt, pronounced “Tan yo um koong.” This soup consists of prawns, lemongrass and Thai vegetables. We also shared the Coconut soup with glaze and squash. The soups can be ordered mild or hot.

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With all these delectable dishes, there were two main dishes which included Pad Thai fried noodles, Green curry salmon with wild rice and barbecue pork and beef ribs. These dishes are priced from $9.00 to $15.00 each. They’re all delicious and also served mild or hot.

Finally, there’s just enough room in our tummies for the traditional deserts of Thailand- Sticky chocolate rice pudding. Wow. This is a great way to enjoy eating out and at a moderate price for $90.00. Also, on the weekends there’s live Thai music. C.S.N. rates SOI 56 Bangkok a 9.

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