MA KIN: No Need to Fly To Thailand For Authentic Thai Food

Seeing the need for a 100% authentic Thai cuisine establishment, Jina (Jiraporn Tisopa) has opened MA KIN right along the main line of storefronts on Metropolitan Ave. in New York City.

Together with Chef Oak (Dhanapol Marprasert), Jina hopes to both introduce as well as satisfy those in the community with a taste for Thai culinary delights.

Jina graduated with a degree in Anthropology from Chiangmai City and sampled many foods from around the country. Together with Chef Oak who hails from Bangkok, they offer Northern and Southern Thailand style traditional dishes.

Pad Thai at Ma Kin restaurant
Pad Thai at Ma Kin. Photo by David Pambianchi.

For mild or non-spicy, the Chicken Satay skewers with sweet sauce are simply delicious as well as the Thai Chicken Fried Rice. Equally tasty but higher on the hot meter is the Spicy Basil.

And for those who like serious-spicy, the Beef Ma Kin Larb Muang is shout-out-loud hot. For dessert, you MUST try the Roti with Custard Pandan which is a type of pancake with sweet green custard that is incredibly delicious.

Ma Kin Owner Jina & Chef Oak. Photo by David Pambianchi.
Owner Jina & Chef Oak. Photo by David Pambianchi.

Cozy and quaint, the small space offers seating for about 14 customers, mind the gardenia in the window, other assorted plants and even a solar-powered kitty cat waving to greet you.

Ma Kin has an extensive menu, Lunch Specials, and Take-Out and Delivery options to help with peak hours.

Cozy and Quaint - Ma Kin
Cozy and Quaint. Photo by David Pambianchi.

74-19 Metropolitan Ave.
Queens, NY 11379 (Middle Village)
Delivery (347) 507-1234

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Ma Kin In Middle Village, NY. Photo by David Pambianchi.
Ma Kin In Middle Village, NY. Photo by David Pambianchi.
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