Flower Child – The Innovative, Healthy Alternative For Good Eating

Flower Child is a groovy, open space, come as you are restaurant, where customers order their food, cafeteria style, then take a number and sit at a table of their choice and wait to be served.

The philosophy of the organization is one of peace and love, where their employees are happy to serve the public, providing natural foods for the body without any additives, or ingredients that are not natural.

FlowerChild is the newest restaurant of the Fox Restaurant group, located in Santa Monica, California. The Fox Restaurant Group, located in Phoenix , Arizona, wanted to expand their 40 restaurants to include health food restaurants, with the first being in Santa Monica.

Flower Child Culinary Journey

On this occasion actor Said Faraj, who played Sayyed Hamza, opposite Mat Damon in Green Zone, was my guest. Checking over the menu, we found that natural chicken, trout, grass fed Strauss beef, and non GMO tofu were offered.

We ordered appetizers, which includes the Avocado hummus, prepared with sweet corn, radish, clementine, pumpkin seeds, and tahini. Said Faraj, who has two brothers who are master chefs said they could not have made this dish any better. He said this was the “best hummus,” he’s tasted.

Flower Child crudite.
Flower Child crudite.

We were also served Crushed Avocado Toast, prepared with a soft egg, black sesame and white cheddar. What a delightful way to enjoy our culinary journey, including the homemade chips and sauces,but they were filling to say the least. Flower Child also serves Gluten free dishes, and uses organic products that are an innovative and the alternative way to healthy eating.


Our main entrees were a Strauss Beef Bowl for Said and a Wild caught trout bowl for myself with brown rice. Accompanying the entrees were Indian spiced cauliflower with turmeric, date and almond, a Organic Kale salad, consisting of pink grapefruit, organic apple, black currant, smoked almond,white cheddar, mixed with apple cider vinaigrette, and the Madras Curry, prepared with organic potato, heirloom carrot, green bean, sweet onion, cilantro, garam masala and coconut.


Tasting all those dishes was quite an experience, and very filling, but not without fulfilling our sweet tooth with homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies, prepared with brown sugar and other natural ingredients.

Full to the top in our tummies, it was apparent that we were more than totally satisfied.

Flower Child Santa Monica is located at 1332 2nd Street. For take outs or group functions call (310) 382-2901.

Celebrity Scene News awards Flower Child 4 stars for efficient service, delectable cuisine, and a comfortable atmosphere.

flower child wraps.
Flower Child wraps.
flower child gluten free chocolate cake.
Flower Child gluten free chocolate cake.
Flower Child mixed plate sweet potato eggplant.
Flower Child mixed plate sweet potato eggplant.
flower child lemonade.
Flower Child lemonade.
flower child manager and pete allman.
Manager of Flower Child Restaurant and Pete Allman.
Pete Allman
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