Wedding Trends To Consider For The Following Season

As we come up towards the middle of bridal season, its interesting to look at the trends associated with weddings. Obviously, wedding dresses are always a big part of that. Choosing something great can be quite difficult because of the range of styles and how they look on a bride. One suggestion from Wonderstruck Events And Weddings, is to look at the current wedding trends for inspiration. This can give an insight into what is fashionable now, that can work next year.

Here is a look at three areas:

Alluring And Bolder Fashions

Wedding dress designers are definitely focusing on a sexy look this year. Modern dresses are making a statement with deeper V-necks and a revealing illusion bodice. Bare shoulders are being featured and you can see them on most runways.

The current wedding dress trends feature bolder fashion:

  • Ornate – sparkle, pizazz and spectacular.
  • Minimalistic – sweet and simple styles that include minimal adornment are making a strong statement.
  • Shorter front and A-line hemlines – innocent and cute, making them perfect for outdoor weddings.
  • Sleek – making it form-flattering to exude confidence.
  • The bodice cutout – bold and striking to make all heads turn.


Covers or toppers are going to be a great hit during this season, normally through bomber jackets that present exquisite details, boleros, caplets and sometimes even ponchos. Modern wedding dresses need to be weather ready at all times.

Bolder Colors

Many weddings are now taking chances with colors. Rose and Serenity are proving to be quite common choices this year. Rose-colored wedding dresses from the top designers create a truly romantic feel perfect for this special occasion. Look also for blue tones and some take chances through going much bolder.

For the bride’s special day, here are other wedding dress styles to consider:

  • Bows – They can be featured on the waist, on shoulders, around the skirt and much more. The result is a fun and flirty appearance. Bows would even be great on the off-the-shoulder appearance.
  • Lace – The wedding dresses made completely of delicate lace create an old fashioned but truly charming feeling that you will love. For the woman with a sleek silhouette, the choice should definitely be considered.
  • Ombre – Ombre wedding dresses have been gaining popularity for quite some time now and they are combined with simple colors from blush to cream or cream to champagne. For a braver choice, look at bolder ombre colors.
  • 3D Flowers – These can be applied with ease on appliques or dresses. The trend is not actually new but at the moment it is quite in fashion. You can consider laser cut floral outlines that include organza, crystal and even colors.

These current wedding trends are definitely worth taking into account but there are also many others to consider. A wedding is special for everyone, more so for the bride, so it is important to make the wedding your own at all times. There are so many choices available that it just takes patience and persistence to find the right style.