UFTA Announces Upcoming Script Reading for ‘Casting’ Film

On Aug. 24, 2013, the United Film & Television Artists announced that there will be another reading for their film, “Casting.” The film will soon be cast and shot as well.


UFTA President Al Quinn, who resides in Fort Myers, Fla., spoke about the upcoming film.

Al Quinn

“We are getting much closer with our film, ‘Casting.’ We just had a reading, and after the writer does another revision we will have an additional reading. I’m guessing this will happen sometime later in August or early September. At that time, too, we will have a better idea of when a casting will occur.”

According to Quinn the film is a short that will be used for “educational” purposes within the organizaion of UFTA. Although, he says, if more happens with it, that is good too.

Theatrical Masks

Quinn added that “Casting” is a documentary of sorts with a splash of comedy.


UFTA’s general meetings are held once a month at the Alliance of the Arts in Fort Myers.

The organization meets to network and help instruct those in the entertainment business, and this film should be an added plus in educating its members and guests.

Movie Camera


The idea of submitting “Casting” to a film festival might be premature, but a good idea at that. Quinn says many have been asking the question, “Are you going to submit the film to film fests?”

When the film is shot, Quinn says it will most likely be shot in the Fort Myers and Naples communities.



One UFTA member and talent agent, Geri Muck with Protocol Models on the Gulf, has suggested ideas on the shooting of the film.

Muck’s and Quinn’s ideas are currently in the discussion stages. Their ideas, among others’, and the film, will soon be a reality!


Those interested in learning more about the film or UFTA contact [email protected].