Dividing Colorado Into Another State

Colorado Region Of Greeley

Members of Colorado want to form the 51st State of the Union, and involves the Greeley region separating from the ‘leftist’ part of Colorado. The push from the left has become humongous.

Statehood Movement

Bill Garcia, chairman of the Weld County Commissioners, said the idea of forming a separate state came from residents, and the commissioners have been seriously considering it. Garcia knew it was important to get this state issue before voters to see if sufficient support for a statehood movement existed. “So far the phone calls we have been getting have been 11 to 1 in support of statehood.”

Tornado Close Up
A photographer caught this extreme closeup of a tornado funnel in Manchester, South Dakota. The combination of high winds, flying debris, and loud noise of the tornado would be scary indeed. It is likely how many Coloradans feel about current government out of Denver.

Photograph by Carsten Peter, National Geographic

It’s possible if Weld and other counties wanted to go forward, state consideration could be on the ballot this year. Garcia continued: “This would be a vote of residents of those counties wanting to form their own state. The following year the state as a whole would vote on the issue, then we would petition Congress for statehood.”

Disdain of Governor John Hickenlooper

The back-breaking straw was Governor John Hickenlooper’s signature on energy legislation, requiring rural electric cooperatives to get 20% of their energy from ‘renewables’ by 2020. The bill was an attack on oil and gas, which thrive in Weld County. Hickenlooper has always expressed contempt for rural Coloradans.

The Democrat-controlled legislature had also passed several radical bills including legalizing actions by mass-abortionists (i.e., Kermit Gosnell, etc…). They also passed multiple gun control bills, including outlawing sale of gun magazines in Colorado. With attacks on constitutional rights, Hickenlooper essentially said rural residents just needed to change their lifestyle.

Actually, Democrats from areas like Boulder and Denver seem out of touch with rural values in places like Weld County. Hickenlooper said Boulder and Denver have one of the most robust, politically active, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered communities existing.

Historic Account Of Statehood

Some say recent secession talk is simply ‘sour grapes’ over Democrat control. Actually, disputes between Denver and Weld counties have been erupting for years. Weld County became first to place “In God We Trust” on their seal. “Frankly, I don’t think they share our vision, and they don’t share our morals,” said Weld County Commissioner Doug Rademacher. Commissioners knew this year’s legislation would be devastating to Weld’s agriculture, oil, and gas industries.

As of 8/20, Weld County commissioners voted to place the 51st State Initiative on the November ballot. Rademacher’s expecting this initiative to pass 60%-40% when put to voters this fall.

Commissioner Sean Conway quoted Mahatma Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” Jeffrey Hare (founder-51st State Initiative Facebook page) said: “Some folks think that this is a fairly radical idea, they call secession very radical. I would argue that this is not radical, but it is something that our framers envisioned.” Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer said the board has been personally attacked since introducing the initiative – being called ‘petulant’, ‘stupid crybabies’, ’emotional’, and ‘immature’.

Few remember when another movement 70 years ago, nearly accomplished statehood. Certain counties in southern Oregon and northern California (1941) tried to form the state of Jefferson. However, their statehood stalled, following the Pearl Harbor attack.

An initiative 40 years ago turned Weld into a ‘home-rule’ county, giving commissioners local control over unincorporated areas. Weld now has no short/long term debt, no sales tax, and a $100 million reserve fund.

Joining On The Bandwagon

If Northern Colorado does become a sovereign state, millions will likely want to jump on the bandwagon. They are tired of having to give up ideals provided by the Founders. Tired of being forced to give taxpayer funds to unworthy recipients like Planned Parenthood and the United Nations. To organizations espousing population decreases by promoting abortion, euthanasia, and birth control. Allowing marriage to be a ‘privilege’, and not a so-called ‘right’. And especially, massive voter fraud orchestrated by the left.

With the ‘left’ continuously separating from American ideals, other countries may be more than willing to accept their skewed ideology. It may be a much better avenue to take, than to force Americans to live by rules they don’t believe in.