TV Series Seeks Sanctuary

There’s always been the saying that there are things that goes bump in the night — a “bump” known as a monster. But monsters don’t exist in our world — or do they?

From the writers and producers of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis comes a new show that tests that theory. Starring Amanda Tapping, who is also the executive producer. Sanctuary is the first exclusive sci-fi series ever shown on the Internet, and is now coming to The SCIFI Channel.

Sanctuary chronicles the adventures of Helen Magnus, as she and her team seeks out to find and help “abnormals” — creatures and magical beings that are here on Earth. One of them is John Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl). Once engaged to Helen, their passion led to the birth of their daughter, Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), but their love was soon doomed as John became London’s murderous Jack the Ripper.

Helen’s team consists of Ashley, who’s now grown as a skilled yet headstrong young woman and her protege Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne), who’s now become a part of a world that he can’t understand but it is one he can’t walk away from.

Sanctuary debuted on the Web last May and was shot almost entirely in CGI. The series completed eight webisodes and the first four can be found at YouTube; the final four was on its official site and can be downloaded at $1.99 each. Now, SCIFI has picked up Sanctuary for a 13-episode pickup.

On Sanctuary, Tapping really gets a chance to shine in the lead role of Helen Magnus — sort of another version of Samantha Carter. Both are smart and strong female protagonists with a dry wit; though acting proper and distinguished, Tapping becomes a little sexier when playing Helen due to the British accent she puts on … not to mention the fact that both the actress and characters are hot moms. After playing roles in which he’s the bad boy (remember Cruel Intentions 2?), Dunne fits well in portraying the male Scully to Tapping’s female Mulder.

Sanctuary is The X-Files meets Doctor Who — except in this case, there are no time travels, and the doctor is a woman.

Enter the world of Sanctuary with the two-hour premiere Friday, October 3 on the SCIFI Channel.