Tom Fedro Creates Art With Zing and Boundless Humor

Midwestern artist Tom Fedro’s talents are unbelievable, especially when it comes to his art. Anyone can see, feel and enjoy, even if they are fans of pop art or not, the bold statements made by Fedro.

An addictive rhythm

Artist Shares

This artist says he creates art with zing and boundless humor.

Tom Fedro
Pop Artist, Tom Fedro

“I like to incorporate a combination of pop art collage and whimsical portraiture that have an addictive rhythm all their own.” – Tom Fedro

Fedro’s use of bright colors is amazing, and they seem electrically charged. They also represent an exciting way of seeing and experiencing the world through Fedro’s eyes

“Other exciting features of my art are the use of bright colors, big features and bold lines.”

Tom Fedro art
Art by Tom Fedro

“I feel this is an exciting way of experiencing the world as seen through my eyes,” Fedro says.

Mt. Prospect, Illinois is where Fedro works, and that is also where he and his family reside. Mt. Prospect is just outside of Chicago.

Art Background

Tom up close
Tom Fedro

Fedro’s background in education and training includes his attending Valparaiso University and The Illinois Institute of Art.

Tom Fedro is represented by galleries in the United States and in Europe.

Special Projects

Art by Tom Fedro

Some of Fedro’s special projects have included pieces commissioned for IBM, Hotel Allegro in Chicago, historic Navy Pier and Washburn Guitars.

Learn More on Tom Fedro

To learn and enjoy more of Tom Fedro, his art and his poetry go to He is at facebook as well.

Also enjoy the video of art by the two artists, Gino Savarino and Fedro.