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Do you need to make more money with a new career or a supplemental income? If so, and you are a success minded hard worker, you may be one of the fortunate ones wanted to join one of California’s top insurance business leaders who will train and coach you to develop and own your own business with his award winning team. You must be self motivated, and have proven ability in sales, networking skills, and closing abilities.

This great opportunity is available to any legal resident of the United States.

For more information, contact Seamus D. McDonald at 310-245-1925 and also read more about the business here below, and also visit


About the Business:

My name is Seamus McDonald, and the company I proudly represent is called Legal Shield. What is Legal Shield? We are to attorney fees what health insurance is to doctor and hospital bills. We have also included the Identity Theft Shield, which is considered ‘America’s Fastest Growing White Collar Crime.’

If one is self employed, or owns their own company, we also have plans just for them, made with the business owner in mind. And if one is a real estate agent, or truck driver, we even have specific plans just for their needs with specific benefits just for them.

An attorney will write letters and make phone calls for our customers at no additional charge. One can also now have contracts reviewed by an attorney to find out what their rights are. This used to be a luxury that only the rich could afford, but now with our protection, it belongs to everyone that is our member.

We work with one up the top law firms in the State of California, Parker Stanbury, LLP. Legal Shield pays Parker Stanbury $1.7 million a month to represent our employees just in the state of California alone. This now means that our clients now have one of the top law firms in California on a retainer for as low as $6.00 per week.

As a part of the membership we will provide a comprehensive Will to fit the specific needs of our members and their family. On national average, a will is valued at costing between $400 to $700. Legal Shield feels it is so important for one to have a will that we will also provide one for members’ spouses within the first sixty days at no additional charge. Annual reviews and updates are provided as needed.

The other areas of coverage are moving traffic violation representation, trial defense, IRS Audit Protection, member discounts, twenty four hour access- seven days a week to Legal Shield, and lastly, identity theft protection. You, your family, and your business are worth protecting!

To hear more about the specifics concerning the benefits listed above, to get a quote on a plan for you, or to talk about how you can start training in a new full time career or part time business for supplemental income right away, call me right now:

Seamus D. McDonald

Insurance Pro with the Fro!

Cell, 310-245-1925

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