Australian Contemporary Artist Adam Cullen Dies At 46

Adam Cullen, 46, was an Australian artist, who, according to Wikipedia, was best known for winning the Archibald Prize in 2000 with a portrait of actor David Wenham. Cullen, from New South Wales, Australia, died on Saturday, July 28, 2012.

Art Studio and Inspirations

Cullen’s art studio was in Wentworth Falls, in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, and his art was of controversial subjects. He painted, Cullen said, to the music of punk bands such as the Meat Puppets, Black Flag and the Butthole Surfers.

Meat Puppets
Cullen was inspired by band, Meat Puppets

Photo: Wiki

Art Studies

Originally from Sydney, most of Cullen’s art training was in New South Wales. He studied at the City Art Institute with a Diploma of Professional Art in 1987. He received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of New South Wales in 1999.

Cullen’s Style

What might give an indication of Cullen’s “style,” at least in the beginning of his career, was when he gained early fame at art school by dragging around a rotting pig’s head chained to his ankle!

Adam Cullen has been called simplistic, crude, adolescent or even childlishly silly. Irregardless of his style, Cullen was voted one of Australia’s most collectible contemporary artists.

Upper Wentworth Falls
Upper Wentworth Falls in New South Wales

Exhibits and Broad Range of Topics

This artist exhibited broadly in individual and group exhibitions both in Australia and overseas. In 2002 Cullen represented Australia at the 25th Sao Paulo Art Biennial.

Cullen used a highly personal visual language to address a broad range of topics including crime, masculinity and cowboy culture.

Death and Condolences

David Wenham
Actor David Wenham

Adam Cullen was ill for an extended period of time with an unknown illness. No photos were available, but he can be seen in video.

Condolences go out to Cullen’s family, friends and fans.