The Stage Reveals New Performances for 2013

On Jan. 28, 2013, The Stage announced their banner week, and they thanked patrons for their support. They also shared some highlights of upcoming 2013 performances.

Fine Food and Entertainment

The Stage

The Stage is a restaurant with great food and entertainment located due north of Naples, Fla. in Bonita Springs.

Banner Week

Last week was The Stage’s banner week. The tribute singers, Abba, deserve credit for making it a great week, and they will return Feb. 9.

Kinds of Entertainment

In addition, Led Zeppelin Tribute also contributed, and they will return in April.

To top it off, Ed Sullivan and the Beatles (tribute group varies as seen here) knocked everyone’s socks off!

The Beatles will return in February. Billy Joel and Bob Seger had great reviews, and Joel will revisit The Stage in March.

The Stage
Entertainment at The Stage

Johnny T, a fanstastic performer, will also be a frequent guest of the restaurant. Try out The Motown Experience by Greg Miller on Jan. 30!

Make Reservations

The Stage would like to remind patrons to make reservations for dinner, as they recently have had sell out shows!

Also, patrons need to make their love connection at The Stage on Feb. 13-14.

For Valentine’s Day, a great time will be had by enjoying Uptown Express. The band is a ten piece ’50s and ’60s dance band, and they offer two evenings of love.

Last year The Stage sold out for some events, so make reservations!