The Nature of Artists; A Conversation with Talent Manager / Producer Bruce Edwin

Talent manager Bruce Edwin is CEO of the A-list firm Starpower Management, publisher of The Hollywood Sentinel, a producer of feature film, and a writer whose words have appeared in over one hundred countries around the world. The following is an exclusive interview with him by the very talented writer, actor, and producer Lee Burns.

Lee Burns: Why did you want to get into the entertainment business?

The Wizard of Oz

Bruce Edwin: When I first saw the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ as a child, it impacted me in such a profound way. I loved everything about it; the story, the costumes, the set design, the characters, the acting, the music, the soundtrack, I loved it all, including Judy Garland and her amazing voice who I had a huge crush on (laughs). For those 103 minutes, I would be transported into this magical land, and it made me really believe that anything is possible. That film alone made me decide that I wanted to work and Hollywood and be a part of that creative art, storytelling, and magic.

Lee Burns: What do you love the most about being a manager, a publicist, a producer, a writer?

More than a Fan


Bruce Edwin: I love being a talent manager because it is exciting to meet greatly new talented artists as an equal, where instead of being just a fan of them, they want something from me too, and I can have the opportunity to work with them and help them- so that is gratifying and often exciting.

A Global Effect

What I love about doing public relations is seeing the effect out there in the media and public that I have created about a client. Many clients have called me up and told me that they got fan mail from the other side of the world who read the story I created about them, and they are so surprised, and happy and thankful to me about it. That makes me hugely happy and proud of what I do. I also like the challenge of writing great public relations copy.

The Game of Producing

What I love about being a producer is practically everything about it. The work of putting it all together, finding talent, packaging, and finding the money is a fun to me. It’s just a hugely exciting game to me, and to know that what I intend and work on enough will manifest into a world wide motion picture that many will see and will have an impact, that is exciting.

The Power of Words

That which I love about being a writer is about the same thing I love about air. For me, to write is not a choice, it is a must, it is a part of who I am. I love the act of transferring thought and at times even spirit into a tangible, physical form and force of the written word, that can create a huge effect and at times, last forever. Imagine for a moment if there were no books- and no words, and no one wrote anything ever. It would be beyond a huge loss. This is why censorship of any form is so abominable. Writing is freedom of the mind and spirit.

Lee Burns: Why do you care so passionately about artists?

The Challenge of Artists

Bruce Edwin: Artists are often times very strange, misunderstood beings. I have been friends with some truly great artists, and some of them have a very difficult time living in this world. A great artist is in touch with the spirit, and is often in a deep emotional state. To be in that state over and over is a great challenge and takes great discipline. I know this is true, because I am an artist, and I have been friends with many artists, to this day.

For many years, I felt like my whole being was this big open nerve ending that was constantly getting brutalized by the inhumanity, injustice, and wrongs in the world. Artists are usually more sensitive beings. They generally feel more. They are often more in touch with life and usually have more passion. But with that said, it is often more difficult for them to learn how to control their mind and emotions and spirit.

After years of suffering and self discovery, I finally become wise and strong enough to exist without letting every crime against humanity crush me, and to finally learn, it is O.K. to be happy. There is no shame in allowing oneself to be happy-despite the problems in the world. And so because of living as an artist myself, being friends with many artists, and living with these realizations, I have the utmost love, compassion, and passion for artists. What we create is for the world- but ultimately, we must first create for ourselves- that means loving ourselves. An artist must love themselves before they can love the world and everything worthy in it that they want to communicate with or save.

Lee Burns: And why do you care so passionately about human rights?

The Right of Freedom

Bruce Edwin: I love freedom so greatly. To see a person or even any animals’ freedom violated upsets me to my very soul, and so I generally try to say or do something about it when I see any rights against the freedom of any life violated. The nature of a human being is to be free- to be self determined to do what we want as long as we harm no other. To violate ones will of freedom by abuse is the most vile thing. The most disgusting violation of human rights is against children- who are the most weak and vulnerable. That is why the protection of kids is a cause that is very, very important to me.

Lee Burns: Do you have a set of basic principles you use to guide your path or choices in life?

The Power of Love

Bruce Edwin: Yes. I believe in the maxim of “Harm none and do what thou wilt.” In other words, I believe in one’s right to total freedom and total self determinism, so long as it does not violate the freedom of another. Beyond that, my life philosophy is quite complex, and could not be properly explained here in a brief interview. I am a life long student of philosophy, and of metaphysics, so I am constantly seeking to be growing and evolving as a spirit in this body.

I will state that I believe in treating others as I want to be treated, and I believe in striving for happiness and avoiding suffering. I also believe in doing first what gives one the most happiness, that also helps the greatest number of others. I believe in making the world a better place for having been in it. I believe greatly in love, and in forgiveness.

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