The Hollywood Sentinel 2014 Special Issue Now Out Featuring Golden Globes

The exciting, 2014 new issue of The Hollywood Sentinel is now out, this month in December. The special issue features a rare video interview with the cast and crew of the Golden Globe nominated film ’12 Years A Slave.’ The issue also features new news from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and The Hammer Museum, with Bruce Edwin’s rare spotlight on Los Angeles Art, digital art made just for the online magazine by Bruce Edwin, a report on the upcoming Golden Globes, How to Succeed in Hollywood, and much, much more.

The last widely loved issue of The Hollywood Sentinel featured a rare interview with Sandra Bullock from the hit new Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe nominated film ‘Gravity,’ The Hunger Games; Catching Fire, a behind the scenes look at Paramount Pictures Tribute to Hollywood legend A.C. Lyles, and much more. The current issue may be visited now, free at and all of the back issues may be visited for free via the sites table of contents section under ‘Archives.’