The Devil In Nigeria

You may have read in the history books how people, mostly women and children were branded as witches here in America, notoriously in Salem, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas, in the late 1600’s. Women were raped, and tortured, and men and women were hung to death, all due to their being accused a witch.

But the insanity of abuse and torture of those branded a so called witch has not stopped. Today, in 2010, according to CNN, children as young as five years old are being beaten, burned, and suffering other forms of torture including having fingers cut off, all for being labeled a witch.

Screenwriter and film producer Bruce Edwin, who has extensively studied all forms of religions states, “It is a fact that witchcraft exists. And it obviously exists in these villages, for there is a fear of it. But are young children practicing it? It is doubtful.” He goes on, “Witchcraft is merely a thought form belief that may seek to strengthen its power of influence through usually harmless physical acts or words recited. It seeks to influence nature of others to be in accordance with ones will. Most children do not have the attention span and discipline to do any witchcraft unless they are being taught.”

He adds, “Those found guilty of abusing these children should be punished severely, and the fact of their punishment should be made public, to deter others.” He lastly states, “Most witchcraft is actually just a love for the Earth, Mother Nature, and the planets, and getting in tune with ones higher self. Most so called witches today are like hippies. They go to the farmers market and think green. A woman in the middle ages may have been attacked for following astrology. Today, teenage girls read their horoscopes in newspapers and teen fashion mags. Times have changed, but not always, and certainly not everywhere, as in Nigeria.” He continues, “Any witches in Nigeria are probably an asset to the community, rather than a harm. These children need to be saved and protected from these irrational, terrible people that are hurting them. The only Devil in Nigeria is ignorance and stupidity.”

Bruce Edwin is editor of Subnormal Magazine. The rock and film magazine Subnormal exists to serve as a voice for human rights, and to incite the masses to wake up out of their stupor. It is published online by blog, and in the future, on a website.