Make Free Phone Calls With Google

Google, on Wednesday, offered consumers a service that allows them to make free phone calls through its e-mail program.

The calls in the United States and Canada will be free for, at least, the remaining year, Google informed. International calls will cost less than typical land-lines and mobile rates. The company will not charge standard connection fees. The United States users can place calls to Canada and domestically using its web based G-mail service.

It’s a tool where people can manage e-mail, contacts, video conferencing, chats and phone calls.

Google feels that it will make money from overseas calls to support the free service.

Google’s new service should be available nation-wide by the weekend. Google didn’t give a release date for its international service. “We’re helping you organize your communications,” Vincent Paquet explained, Product Manager of Google Voice, and the call forwarding service that was linked to G-mail to create the new feature. “It’s just an easy way for people to stay in touch with their friends, family and community.”