Stop Attacking Lindsay! – Says Producer Bruce Edwin

Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel reports that Lindsay Lohan (she now requests to be called simply Lindsay to disassociate herself from her father) is facing yet another lawsuit now for assault and battery.

One of the Betty Ford Center’s employees is allegedly seeking at least one million dollars for her reported claims that Lindsay was violent towards her during her stay in rehab. Producer and talent manager Bruce Edwin, who has dealt with thousands of young actresses and models states, “Getting one off of drugs or alcohol is not an easy business. An addict may yell, scream, or even slap.

Betty Ford Center should know this, and so for an addict to get smacked down with a lawsuit for allegedly behaving irrationally, when that institution is supposed to help them get back their rationality and fight their addiction, shows the failure of that organization to do its job.

I am not saying that a criminal or addict need be absolved of all responsibility, but I doubt that if this woman got smacked or shoved by Joe Schmoe, that she would be suing them. Instead, this employee sees a fame and money grab when she sees Lindsay, who has suffered a pattern of abuses in the press and media due to her own self inflicted abuse.

Betty Ford Center should not allow this lame attempt by this woman to attack a former patient and addict. If they do, that action should send a strong message to other wealthy addicts or future celebrities, which is – stay away from Betty Ford Clinic – it is not a safe place for you to recover.’ For more information on this story, or to contact Bruce Edwin, call publicity department at 310-226-7176

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