Russian Actress Revealed to Mel Gibson – Russian Women Play Dirty

International Superstar Mel Gibson became a box office success with hits including ‘Mad Max,’ ‘Lethal Weapon,’ ‘Braveheart,’ and ‘Signs,’ among many more. His work as a producer however, with the legendary ‘Passion of the Christ,’ sent him skyrocketing to the greatest of heights, as the film raked in over half a billion dollars.

This month though, Mr. Gibson landed in the hot seat in his current hometown of Los Angeles, not only with his ex girlfriend- who the star is heading a bitter custody battle with- but also with the public, as the Russian female boldly released at least five secretly taped private telephone conversations with the actor and producer, voyeuristically exposing his verbal fits of anger during a lovers’ quarrel, in an attempt to publicly humiliate and perhaps punish him.

Now, the woman, who Mel Gibson called a “greedy gold digger,” among more, is reportedly under investigation for attempted extortion of the star. Oksana Grigorieva reportedly tried to extort ten million dollars from Mel Gibson in order to keep the tapes hidden. She reportedly stated that she released the tapes because her settlement offer was not being met, and she felt coerced.

Regardless, reputation damage has undoubtedly been done to Mel Gibson that has media experts predicting what will become next of the actor and filmmaker. Outspoken Russian actress Elena Talan, who has starred as Mia Farrow in the film ‘Polanski,’ and Showtime’s sexy ‘Sin City Diaries’ among more, gave some unsolicited advice today to Mr. Gibson, telling him what he should now do to handle the situation with his Russian ex girlfriend, and mother of his child. But ironically, like the now infamous Grigorieva tapes, Elena’s advice was supposed to be confidential to Mel, however, media somehow today got a hold of the words she reportedly got to Mel Gibson, which she is now allegedly livid about. We managed to get the leak, and the advice from the Russian star is as follows;

“Mel, everybody knows your talent. I admire you as an actor. Of course it was your ex who released those audio tapes, who else? She probably wants revenge, and she’s gonna’ try bring you down. Russian women are vengeful and have a lot of pride. She is not afraid to play dirty Mel, she has nothing to lose!”

ElenaTalan MelGibson
Image: Elena Talan, (c) 2010, Starpower Management LLC.

Elena Talan continued, “Mel, regarding dealing with anger issues, I know you are going to be doing the right thing there with therapy. The baby as you know should be taken care of. That is the number one priority.

I think you need to show that you will support your child no matter what, and make amends with the ex. If she feels that you treat her fairly and she gets what she wants, I feel she will not make more public scandals or release any more negative information. I also think Mel, that if you might apologize in public, it would help…”

Despite reports that his career is awash, Mel Gibson actually now has five feature films currently in various stages of production as an actor, writer, and producer, booked up for the next several years. Mr. Gibson’s office could not be reached at the time of this report. Elena Talan and her rep refused to talk.

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