Rose Casting Acting Workshop Announces New Schedules

Some people see themselves with a future on the big screen or even on the small screen. Many don’t know how to get started.

Rose Casting is a company that takes people with dreams of being in TV or Movies and teaches this talent how to act on and off the set as well as what to expect. The multimedia conglomerate has cast talent for various productions including full length motion pictures, TV shows and commercials.

Rose Casting has recently announced that they have modified their Workshop start times to begin promptly at 6pm. The reason for doing this was to make it easier on talent who plan on attending, but can’t seem to find the proper time slot.

Workshops are done with precision and accuracy, two things that have the utmost importance in the acting business. Rose Casting has recently been chosen to cast talent for another full length Movie in 2014.

The Movie “America,” that was cast by Rose Casting, is set to release around July 4th 2014.