Richard Watts’ Unveils New Entertainment Projects

Richard Watts, of Videology Productions in Naples, Fla., has announced two upcoming entertainment projects. They include the creation of an entertaining board game, and a feature film!


Watts has announced an upcoming script reading for the film as well as plans for a new board game.

The 4th Letter poster

“I’m organizing a table reading of my script for ‘The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon.’ It’s tentatively scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 15 at 6 p.m. at my house in Naples.

I have a list of film characters, and a few of my film friends might show up. UFTA (United Film & TV Artists) President Al Quinn has committed to be a part of the reading.

At the reading there will be wine and hors d’oeurves served.”


Sounds like the film project is very interesting.

“This is a feature film that is in development. It’s a melange of ‘Indiana Jones,’ ‘The Matrix’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code.'”

It will be a blend of fictional and historical facts.

Ponce de Leon

“The film features some local history, and I plan on some of the shooting locations to be in Naples and on Lee County’s beach(es). A re-enactor group from Bradenton has signed on to appear in the film, and they are crucial to achieving authenticity.”


Product placements will also be an important aspect of shooting the film.

“My plan is to build an audience using social media, cultivating local vendors in the use of product placement. This generates excitement and interest for them plus provides production funds and notoriety for the project. Hilton Head Cookies is one company who has jumped on board!

We’re organizing a small investment offering to fund it. We’ll pursue the film festival route but intend to focus our marketing on some of the VOD platforms.”

In addition to the script reading, Watts is also involved in the creating of a board game.


“This game, The Mortgage Game, is about a real-world ride through the ups and downs of the high-finance mortgage world, and one goal is to avoid going to jail!”

This game has been designed by a mortgage banker.

“The game mimics the real-life roller-coaster ups and downs of the mortgage business. The idea, like any good capitalistic endeavor, is to survive the pitfalls of the market, earn the most money, become the CEO, stay out of jail and retire wealthy.”

The Mortgage Game

Watts was asked if this game is a new idea.

“The game was originally designed several years ago but, true to form, had to be modified as a result of a recent seismic shift in the industry.”

Thanks Richard Watts for sharing about your new projects. Please continue to keep us posted on the progress of the game and film and how everyone can give support.


Learn more about the director, Richard Watts, Director of Videologyproductions, a Division of Netbranchology, LLC, and his projects, at 239-431-1776, Twitter, Facebook, and at “The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon” website.