Extremely Hot Book Review

‘Extremely Hot’ is a very intriguing story. No matter what Jennifer always seems to capture my heart and my attention. This story was one I couldn’t put down although I would have liked to see Ivy resist the Urban Legend just a tad bit more considering his reputation but then again at first she didn’t really know of it.

I really like how her talk show was about everything she was against and everything she was against turned out to be the man she fell in love with. It was a truly amazing story.

The murder mystery plot really twisted the story up so much that it had me on edge for the whole book! I was just sucked into the book. I had to know who was doing it. Everyone was a suspect in this plot with the way Jennifer wrote it.

It was a killer story, pun intended, and I loved it. I would highly recommend it. Frankly at this point I would highly recommend any of Jennifer’s book’s!

Extremely Hot

Jennifer Apodaca

Publisher: Brava

Publishing date: November 4, 2007