Psychiatric Industry Seeks to Release President Reagan’s Attempted Murderer

The government mental hospital where John Hinckley Jr. has spent much of the past thirty years since he shot and tried to kill President Ronald Reagan, is asking a federal court to allow Hinckley’s eventual release to live with or near his aging mother in Williamsburg, Virginia, reports CNN.

Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel states, “Only would the psychiatric industry want to let a man go free who attempted to murder the President of the United States so he could go be with Mommy. These people are themselves nuts.” The prosecution, in its own filing with the court on Friday, according to CNN, described Hinckley as “a man capable of great violence” and said his mental condition has not improved to the point of eliminating concerns “that this violence may be repeated.”

“What the prosecution has found,” states Bruce Edwin, “is what is obvious, and that is that a person who attempts to murder someone- where there is no doubt about it, we have that on tape- that person is not fit for society any more. And the other thing that the prosecution’s evidence reveals, is that thirty years of your tax dollars paid for an attempted murderer to lounge around, watching prime time, while a bunch of psychiatrist’s got paid plenty, yet still couldn’t fix up his broken mind in nearly three decades. What does that tell you?”

Attempted murderer Hinckley is now fifty six years of age. He was committed to the St. Elizabeths Mental Hospital in 1982 after a jury foolishly found him innocent by alleged reason of insanity in the brutal and calculated shooting of President Reagan and three others, including the president’s badly wounded press secretary, James Brady.

The mental hospital’s lawyers and doctors filed their motion under a seal, withheld from the public- as most evil deeds often done are- when they asked in July that Hinckley be placed on a convalescent leave.