Michael Jackson Guitarist Called Conrad Murray Evil

Michael Jackson Guitarist Called Doctor the ‘Evil Conrad,’ Said People Were Trying to Make Michael a Zombie to Get his Money – Reports Bruce Edwin

Bruce Edwin- the talent manager for one of Michael Jackson’s star guitarists- whose client David Williams played such famous riffs on “Beat It,” “Billy Jean,” and “Thriller,” among more, provides testimony today concerning his client David Williams and the facts behind the murder of The King of Pop.

Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams and his talent manager Bruce Edwin exchanged hundreds of phone calls and e-mails months prior to the super stars death, many concerning Michael Jackson’s comeback tour, and Michael’s addiction. They were also working on staging an intervention to save Michael. As week two for the murder trial of Michael Jackson continues, with Conrad Murray the main one accused, Starpower Management LLC CEO Bruce Edwin states, “Michael was always there for my client David.” Now, we all need to continue to be there for the spirit of Michael with some justice. He would have wanted that.

The doctor is also behind it, he told me, but it’s the housekeeper, the nanny that is doing it, he said. They are trying to brainwash him, David Williams told me. He said they won’t answer the door when the family tries to visit, and they have armed guards, David said. So no one can get to Michael – not even his own family, he said. That doctor and housekeeper are doing this – That’s just not right, he stated. We need to do something.”