New Surefire List of Great Dates on a Budget

By Elite Connections Matchmaker Sena Schmidt

A recent issue of a popular woman’s magazine had an article appropriate for our current economical crunch titled, “Why You Get More Love when He’s got Less Money.” I can’t vouch for whether or not I get more lovin’ during an economic downswing since I’ve read in previous literature that financial hard times actually diminish a guy’s mojo, but I can say that anyone can have a great time for practically nothing, which works those creative muscles in your brain and gives any relationship some added originality.

Below is a surefire list of entertainment that makes for great bonding time with your loved ones that won’t burn a hole in your pocket:

Visit your local pet store and fawn over the irresistible little creatures. Then silently smirk as your guy’s well-hidden paternal side becomes exposed…if only for a moment.

Check out a museum or photography exhibit, like the Annenberg Space for Photography or the Getty Center. The only cash you’ll be shelling out of your pocket is for the parking.

People watch at Venice Beach or the Santa Monica Pier. Getting out and breathing that fresh ocean air is a gift in and of itself.

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Stop by an affordable home furnishing store and imagine how you’d both want to re-decorate your home. It allows you to tap into your womanly “nesting” mode in a covert way, and when you’re more financially capable, you could actually return to purchase the items you liked without breaking the bank.

Visit a local festival or art fair. One at a church or other religious organization may only ask for a donation to enjoy the festivities, but there’s normally a band playing where you can sit back and people watch or peruse the booths loaded with bric-a-brac.

Video games. Even if you’re out-of-date with the latest system (who can keep track these days? I still own Super Nintendo) it’ll give you and your guy some healthy competition and pass the time quickly. You can even come up with a reward for the winner; think: strip-Mario Kart.

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It’s a bit cliche, but have a picnic. Pack sophisticated treats such as brie and grapes, prosciutto, sparkling cider and dark chocolate (better for you, and less calories!)

Stay in and have a movie or TV show marathon. Sign up for Netflix for as low as $5.99 a month, or hit up Hulu dot com for a variety of hit TV shows.

Play some good old-fashioned games-for-two such as Monopoly, Scattergories or Mad Libs. You could add your own fun twist by changing or adding onto the rules a bit to make it more exclusive.

Pick up a good book, pack a blanket and sit under a tree at your nearest park. It’s the simple pleasures in life – sometimes!

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