NCIS S6 DVD Review

Called by the powers at CBS as the most underrated successful show on television, NCIS crack the Top 10 due to the onscreen chemistry of its talented ensemble and excellent story arcs that makes it more than a JAG spinoff and CSI in the military, so grab your gear for season six, currently available on DVD.

“Judgment Day” came with the death of previous NCIS director Jenny Sheppard (Lauren Holly), as her predecessor Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) decides to split up Agent Gibbs and his team at the final minute of last season. I know what you’re thinking, as Magnum, P.I. used to say, but you’re wrong, as the powers at NCIS didn’t go into the same direction that House did.

At the start of season six, there was a “Last Man Standing”, as Gibbs (Mark Harmon) spent the first half of the season trying to find out who the traitor is. He also spent clashing and figuring out his new boss Vance, whose past gets him back in the ring (so to speak) yet remains mysterious. Gibbs return to his “Heartland” this season to investigate a murder, where he reunites with his father, and it is also where we find out more about him as well as who taught him the legendary Gibbs rules.

The budding NCIS supercouple Tony (Michael Weatherly) & Ziva (Cote de Pablo) (Tiva) continues to add danger, humor, and sexual tension — reaching a boiling point due to her involvement with a handsome Mossad spy, forcing Ziva to decide where her loyalties lie, and her decision could cost her life. And speaking of Tony, he takes the lead involving one of his old cases during Gibbs’ “Hiatus”, where the wrong man was convicted.

The two-part “Legend” brings Gibbs and McGee (Sean Murray) to California on a joint investigation Agents Callen (Chris O’Donnell), Hanna (LL Cool J) and the undercover team of NCIS’ Office of Special Projects (OSP), leading to the Sept. 22 premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Now, we all know that Gibbs is a true Legend, but it turns out that the real Legend is Callen. Like Gibbs, Callen is a man of mystery, but unlike his counterpart, Callen has no family, no background — maybe no past, for his whole life is undercover, which is why he is such a Legend; he doesn’t really exist.

Gear up for NCIS‘ sixth season available on DVD.

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