More Quotes From Bruce Edwin


“I know that a higher form of power than humanity exists because women exist. I don’t know how any man could look at the beauty of certain women and deny the existence of a God.”


“Hollywood is the best place to go where if you act insane, you fit in.”

“Everyone who is anyone in Hollywood is a shark, whether they know it or not. They may not look like a shark, smell like a shark, or even act like a shark, but you can be sure, if they made it in Hollywood, somewhere, there’s some shark in them.”


“Fashion is one of the most important things on Earth. Think about it in the extreme; if you put on a Nazi uniform and walked down the street to the market, you might get attacked by some people who hate Nazis and it may cost you your life. But if you walked to the same spot in a nurse’s uniform, you may get someone holding doors open for you or letting you go first in a line.”

“Fashion can make love or war, because fashion is ultimately, communication. And it is vitally important to understand that fashion is communication because if you don’t understand that, and you non-verbally miss-communicate with your fashion, it may cost to you big.”


If someone wants to do drugs, that’s their business. If I have to step over them on the sidewalk, pay for their medical bill in the form of taxes, or dodge them in a car on the street, then that’s my business and that’s a problem.


“America used to be the great melting pot of the world. Well now, we’re all melted, and some are getting burned and it really stinks.”

“Sure America has its problems, any country does. The thing is though, I meet people that come to the United States from all over the world, and none of them want to leave.”