Micheal Castaldo’s ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’ Now Available at Amazon

Everything Happens For A Reason

Vital Records will release renowned Italian Artist/Producer/Songwriter Micheal Castaldo’s digi single, “Everything Happens for a Reason” Remixed and Remastered.

This offering, produced by Micheal Castaldo’s production company Majestic Castle Music, includes two mixes of a song written by Billboard-charting writers Mike Greenly (ASCAP) and Paul Guzzone (BMI). The single’s remixed and remastered digital release date is set for August 28, 2015 following initial radio campaigns that span the globe. It will be available on Amazon.com, at http://tinyurl.com/EHFAR-Remastered, iTunes, Spotify, and other digital online music e-tail stores worldwide.

micheal castaldo
Italian Artist/Producer/Songwriter Micheal Castaldo

The English version, “Everything Happens for a Reason,” will be serviced to all Adult Contemporary Christian Music radio stations in the U.S., Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

Taking a cue from Disney, the song will have more than 30 lyric videos, many of which will have subtitles in various languages, including Persian, Spanish, Afrikaans, Polish, Japanese, German, Hebrew, Norwegian, Czech, Portuguese, Hindi, French, Turkish, Chinese, Swedish, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, and Danish. A lyric video in International Sign Language can be seen on YouTube as well.

Castaldo notes, “I’d like the focus to be on the song and its universal inspirational message to take things in stride, remain calm, be positive that all will be okay, and know that everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand that reason immediately. That’s why I’m releasing it in multiple versions and linguistic/stylistic mixes – to help the widest possible audience be touched and affected by this beautiful and meaningful song.”

Castaldo, who resides in New York City, has become synonymous with authentic Italian experiences and products for Americans in love with Italian culture. As a vocalist, he has toured North America and Europe, including performances at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Rainbow Room, Shea Stadium, Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre, and Italy’s Teatro F. Cilea and Pescara Opera House.

He began singing in church when he was 9 years old and went on to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. His passionate performances consistently transport audiences to his native Italian world of beauty and sweeping romanticism. His loyal fans truly believe his voice has healing powers.

Many of Castaldo’s fans have supported the worldwide radio promotion of Everything Happens for a Reason by sharing their passion for this song via social media. Several of his “super fans” have even participated in a private fan-based crowd-funding campaign, and as a result of their financial commitment, these super fans will enjoy a profit share of the artist’s royalties.

For more information regarding Micheal Castaldo and his music, visit www.michealcastaldo.com.

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