Luckster Production: Inspiring People One Day at a Time

The definition of the term “Nictophobia” is define as the fear of dark, but it is also the working title from David Fletcher and Greg Luckman of Luckster Production, the budding film company that was formed last year with the purpose of going mainstream yet doing quality independent films.

“My goal”, said Fletcher, “is to deliver films to the world that will not only embrace people, but also leaves a message of inspiration to all. If I can leave one thing to the people, it’s not about money, fame, or even success; it’s about what we did while we were here to make this place a better one so that when we pass on, we can look back and know we did all that we could!”

“I’m a very, deeply spiritual person. I’m what you called religious science. My foundation is do unto others is what you want others done to you.”

One of the film’s producers, David also has an supporting role in the upcoming Rob Schneider film Virgin on Bourbon Street (working title: American Virgin), recently shot in downtown Detroit earlier this year. “There is a whole new opportunity out there for you and me” he comments on the state’s booming film industry, which includes the development of two film studios — including one in Pontiac — that will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs. “With the way things are going, there are open doors. There’s a lot more opportunity.”

Shot in Los Angeles, Nictophobia is Luckster’s first official film with David and Luckman. Co-written by director Doug Elford-Argent and Jay Holden, the film is full of suspense and horror– following Lauren, a young real estate agent checking out an commercial building, and soon discovers that women are being held prisoner by a killer trying to create a female Frankenstein; the killer is played by Michael Madsen, who’s best known in popular films such as Species, Sin City, and both volumes of Kill Bill. “Taking this role on, he’s going to give such a great performance” David states. “He’s going to make the films what it is going to be.”

“We knew he was the right guy. We didn’t even have to audition him. We reached out to his people, and it was a very win-win situation.”

With casting still in the works, David hopes that Lionsgate will be one of the investors for Nictophobia as well as getting distribute both here in the States and Europe. Also hoping to get the same kind of buzz as Twilight, he’s set of having the film schedule for an mainstream release of either this Halloween or next summer; if not, Nictophobia will straight-to-DVD — but David remains optimistic. “I don’t worry about the competition” he said. “There’s going to be a lot of movies coming out. I’m just focus on the art touching the people it needs to touch. Luckster’s sole purpose is to create quality independent films for our viewers that allow them to embrace our art, in hopes of coming back to see our art. And when you’re doing the right thing, the right situations and right circumstances come through.”