Lucille Ball Tribute Artist Shares Loss of I Love Lucy’s Doris Singleton

According to the Chicago Tribune and Suzanne LaRusch from Lucille Ball Show on Facebook, Doris Singleton, 92, passed away on June 26, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

I Love Lucy Tribute Artist

LaRusch, a tribute artist to Lucille Ball’s I Love Lucy, had worked with Carolyn on a variety of projects.

“[I] just heard that my sweet friend Doris Singleton (aka Carolyn Appleby from the I Love Lucy Show) passed away. We performed many projects together just as she did with the real Lucy.

I always looked forward to seeing her and loved working with her, as well as with Shirley Mitchell (Marion Strong).” – Suzanne LaRusch

Doris Singleton Background

Suzanne LaRusch as Lucy
Suzanne LaRusch as Lucy

Wikipedia states that Shirley Mitchell joined the cast of I Love Lucy playing the part of Lucy Ricardo’s friend Marion Strong. As of 2012, Mitchell is the only recurring adult cast member still living. She is also 92.

Doris Singleton was an American actress, perhaps best remembered as Lucy’s “antagonistic” friend, Carolyn Appleby. Her character, Carolyn, was also considered stuck-up and had a vision impairment that caused many comedic moments on the I Love Lucy show.

Singleton was well known on a variety of other TV shows through the 1960s and 1970s.

In 1999 Singleton participated in a panel discussion concerning the life and legacy of Lucille Ball at a Loving Lucy convention in California. In 2001 she took part in festivities honoring the 50th anniversary of the I Love Lucy show.

Singleton’s last acting role was in Deadly Messages (1985).

Singleton’s Private Life

Doris Singleton, who resided in the Greater Los Angeles area, was a widow and childless.

A Fond Farewell

“Thank you for being so sweet all the time Doris. We’ll all miss you!” – Suzanne LaRusch