Los Angeles Art Show- Behind the Scenes

Los Angeles Art Show

The 19th Annual LA Art Show kicked-off with a star-studded benefit for the Sister Cities of Los Angeles, and their program Bordeaux-Los Angeles A 50 Year Partnership.

VIP Patron Party

The evening hosted numerous high-profile celebrities, royalty and political officials. 2014 celebrity attendees included Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, Loni Anderson, Shepard Fairey, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and many more.


Whine or Wine

At the wine table from the place from France, I tried to get a glass of white wine, which is less strong than red, but the line was way too long for me to deal with. I went to another area that had no one waiting, but the guy there stated he only had red, no white. Next year, try having all products at all tables, so you don’t have everyone waiting for service at one table, and no one at the other. It made no sense whatsoever.

I went back again, and still, there was the long line for the white table, and no line for the red. I finally ended back at the table with no line an hour or so later, to get a glass of red. “What is this?” I asked the French sounding guy. “I don’t know!” He snapped. “This is the last call, we’re closing, this is the last bottle we have something in, and it’s all we have- that’s all it is!” Wow. I was shocked. It was not a good way to treat someone you want to buy your brand in the future, or a good way to treat the press. Whatever their name is, which is not relevant anyway, I would never give them my business. As for the wine itself, it was nothing special. I’ve had far better.

Whose Who of Hollywood and the Art World

Despite this criticism, which is of a vendor, and not the show itself, the Patron VIP Party is amazing, and a must attend event if you can afford it. The whose who of Hollywood and the art scene are here every year, and it is an expertly produced event with a sneak peak of the art show before all of the public get to go.

L.A. Art Show 2014

The Los Angeles Art Show returned this year, to great success, and was at it is for me always, one of the highlights of my year. Thousands of amazing, awe inspiring works of art filled the Los Angeles Convention Center for the four day show, with a VIP preview night the day before, with art in all forms brought from around the world by some of the best gallerists of our time. I can not imagine not seeing art on a regular basis-in all forms. The experience of the L.A. art show, is powerful and intense. When you attend, plan on at least two full days or more to take it all in.

Most gallerists have warmed up greatly to the press and public over the years at the L.A. Art Show. There are a very few exceptions.

Jewelry, Antique and Design Show

The Jewelry, Antique and Design Show, which is a first here in L.A., needs to learn what The L.A. Art Show gallerists finally learned after a number of years; if you want to sell more stuff, try actually talking and being nice to people. This certainly does not apply to all of the Jewelry, Antique and Design Vendors, only around half or more. Don’t have the attitude that you are doing the public or press a favor for having a booth here. Don’t do this for either side of the show you are on; gallerists included. Leave any arrogant attitude at home, no one wants it.

If you are not mentioned here, take no offense, I probably just did not have the time or space for you, or, we may cover your gallery in a future issue. If you want included in future press, you are always welcome to contact us.

Selling Jesus with an Attitude

Also on the Antique side, one booth consisted of a lot of antique looking paintings of Jesus. Many of them were great, reminding me of the Gothic era which I like the aesthetic of. The man at this booth however, was too busy talking on the phone rather than to wait on me or another patron. After I heard him use the name of Christ in the context of swearing, I left. If you are going to sell images and artifacts of the biggest religious icon and spiritual leader in the world, then at least have the decency and integrity to show respect for the morality and faith that Christ represents. Not only does it make you look like a hypocrite, it is just tacky and rude.

Mayan Show

On the Antiques side as well, included the show “Guatemala: Treasures of the Maya Spirit.” Most of the artifacts from this show were on display at LACMA show, “Children of the Plumed Serpent: The Legacy of Quetzalcoatl in Ancient Mexico” earlier this year, with the LACMA show, not surprisingly, being much larger. With that stated however, if you are like me, you can never get enough of or see too many times the stunning, masterful, original art work sculptures and artifacts of the Maya.

I suggest next year, have any lectures that are given in Spanish, also be given in English. There was a lecture given here about this show, but many Americans could not understand it because it was only given in Spanish with no translation. I will also note that this was a separate show within the L.A. Art Show from Mexico, so it was no fault of the show itself for this oversight.

I spent over 40 hours at the L.A. Art Show this year, attending every day, including the VIP Patron’s Party, and I found little but amazement and awe here, from the show production, which was expert, to the art and gallerists themselves.

The Galleries

McColl Fine Art out of Charlotte, North Carolina has an artist named Cartl Dimitri, who has created some interesting works in the style of Basquiat that I like. Joseph who runs the gallery here is a professional and cordial gentleman with experty prepared materials who is very helpful to his clients. I recommend him.

Arthur Pinajian (1014-1999) created some fine work that is carried by Stephanie’s Art Gallery in La Canada Flintridge, California, who were very kind and professional to me. Praxis International Art, based in NYC and Buenos Aires has two artists I greatly like. Arcadia in NYC is a great gallery with some of my favorite contemporary works, ranging from realism to surreal. Michael Carson’s new work here is very impressive. Harriet Joffe’s work is worth a mention, and I hope she gets better placement next year, as here her two paintings were stuck in a dark and unlit corner.

Lotton Gallery has some fine works from Chicago. Altamira Fine Art in Arizona and Wyoming has some interesting works including the pop art works by Billy Schenck which are nice. Larrence Fine Art in New York were very cordial, and carries LA ROC, who worked along side Keith Haring, with some great pieces. Maxwell Alexander Gallry in Culver City is a great gallery with one of my favorites, Vincent Xeus.

Galerie K=Y from Paris has some nice works by the very talented Renaud Delorme among more. Leslie Smith Gallery in Amsterdam has some amazing works by aboriginal artists which were among my favorite, including works by Nancy Ross Nungurrayi among more. The staff of the gallery here was also incredibly professional and cordial. Century Guild Gallery from L.A. and Chicago represents some great works by the legendary horror writer and filmmaker Clive Barker. Thomas Negovan here was very cordial. Maxine Smith Paintings did some smart promotion with giveaway posters at one of the art publication tables. Her style is very expressive and entertaining.

Classical Art

In the classical realm, numerous works were on display here through corporate sponsors, by Vincent vanGogh which were amazing. Rehs Gallery out of New York has amazing works, and M.S. Rau out of New Orleans is nothing short of mind blowing and awe inspiring with their phenomenal works by the masters.

Chinese Art

China Projects is the area of The L.A. Art Show with gallerists all from China. One artist here was a huge hit, and I had an associate interested in buying his work, but he said he did not know the price of his own work, and never got back with us after repeated calls. Artists, if language is a barrier for you, bring a translator who actually cares about your work and your success! Judith Hughes Day from Vietnam has some nice works. Coco Art had some very cool porcelein figures in martial arts forms. Island6 Arts Center in Shanghai is a cool collective that has created some very nice pop art light art pieces which I like a lot. The director here and his staff were very kind.

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