Jerry’s Got a Gun!

It wasn’t even close enough to be the shot heard around the world, when Jerry Lewis was questioned about the prop handgun taken from his baggage in a Las Vegas Airport last month.

However, in an exclusive interview yesterday with Entertainment Tonight, the 82-year-old stated that it was a present from a supporter of his Muscular Dystrophy Association.

“I had a gun in my carrying case…which was given to me by a marvelous engraver” he said. “Last year, at the telethon of ’07, he presented me with this gorgeous gift. I put it in that traveling case and I hadn’t traveled since the telethon.” [ET]

Screeners at Sin City’s McCarran International Airport briefly detained the veteran comedian-actor and cited him for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit on July 25. This was after Lewis attempted to take a flight to Detroit with the .22-caliber Baretta.

Police said that had the gun really been a prop, no citation would be given. Still, Lewis was able to get on his flight.

Both he and his manager stated that Lewis didn’t know he was carrying a gun at the time — whether it was real or not. Still, the gun was taken away and Lewis must attend a court hearing if he plans to get it back. [E! Online]