Hairstylist Alba Quezada Helps Trafficked Women with Cause by Victoria Beckham

‘Support the Trade’

Los Angeles’ celebrity hairstylist Alba Quezada is pleased to announce this week that she has joined the charitable cause endorsed by fashion designer and pop icon Victoria Beckham- Support the Trade, to help poor and sexually trafficked women throughout the world.

‘Support the Trade’ is a unique new charity that enables hair stylists the opportunity to donate a day’s worth of their earnings to this noble cause, which helps train women in developing countries learn the trade of hairdressing. This is important, due to the fact that in many parts of the world, it is the patriarchal role of a woman to be used for nothing more than child bearing and child rearing- and at times, victims of abuse and trafficking.


This training establishes micro-economies and helps to elevate the role of women around the world, as they gain a new found sense of dignity and self respect, able to earn a living by doing something valid, respectable, and needed in a society that often leaves them without choice for self determinism as a free human being whose rights should be valued. The social and economic impact has already been incredible and those who get their haircut on Sunday September 16th, 2012 will help this worthwhile charity take their training programs to more women around the world.

Why It Works:

Internationally: Education is a lasting solution. Stylists’ who have participated in the programs are currently generating enough income to provide for themselves and their families. Establishing micro economies with the trade of hairdressing also serves to elevate the role of women in society which is currently on the forefront of the United Nation’s global agenda. The economic and social impact already experienced by this program has proven to that these initiatives are providing an effective solution at the root of a far-reaching problem.

Domestically: Many girls have, at one time or another, dreamed of working in the world of beauty. By offering cosmetology training in the U.S. the group intends to give trafficked victims a hope and vision for their future. Helping others in the area of beauty can be a crucial part completing the healing process, and provide a platform for them to become employed, and tell their story and raise awareness.

Support the Trade exists to establish one of the most fundamental building blocks of any society, the art and science of hairdressing. In addition to hair & make-up instruction, Support The Trade train stylists how to run a small business and add value to their surrounding communities. They also offer scholarships domestically to trafficked victims who would like to pursue a career in cosmetology.

Experience of Alba Quezada

Celebrity hairstylist Alba Quezada graduated from the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California, and has been an expert in beauty for nearly twenty years, providing cuts, colors, blow outs, and scalp massages that are out of this world. She will travel to the homes of the stars or will see select clientele by appointment only in person at her downtown salon in the heart of the loft district. A hard and dedicated worker, Alba is pleased to help support women in this manner.

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