Guadulesa Rivera to Be Featured Artist on Arroyo Art Tour November 24, 2013

In addition to being one of the featured artists on the preview party for the Arroyo Arts Collective Tour, Guadulesa Rivera will also be a featured artist on the historic Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour itself this year.

The Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour is on Sunday, November 24th, 2013. It begins at Lummis Home, and continues to the home of over one hundred other artists. Guadulesa’s home studio is especially included on the route of the official hosted tour bus, for all fortunate attendees, to see and meet Guadulesa, purchase her art, learn from her, and discuss with her one on one how the healing modalities of the ancient Cherokee work.

Guadulesa Rivera black and white photo
Guadulesa Rivera

The esteemed award-winning artist from Boston, who now resides in Los Angeles, recently funded her first Kickstarter project, for nearly $15,000, in which she is making a unique art book about the healing tones of sound, and how these pure sounds can heal all areas of the body, mind and spirit. The book, titled “Matrix 5: Tones of Resonance,” is inspired and influenced by her legendary Cherokee, Native American ancestors who have passed down this healing arts knowledge to a select few educators, including Guadulesa, to help heal many through the arts, reaching all walks of life.

On Sunday November 24th, 2013, “Discover!” – Northeast Los Angeles celebrates the 21st Anniversary of the Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour. Artist Guadulesa Rivera says the event “is always fun and exciting, and very rewarding for all that are involved.” Noted as a self-guided tour featuring more than one hundred artists in homes and studios in Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Mount Washington, and neighboring areas, patrons will get to explore the vibrant, creative community of Northeast Los Angeles and the arts. The cool, artist vibe of urban artist dwellers comfortably collides side by side with the wilderness of the Arroyo and surrounding canyons, making the environment highly aesthetic, and a pleasing way to spend the day taking in the fresh outdoors, and some of the best art the city has to offer.

Featuring a diverse range of fine art and craft by both emerging and established artists, the Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour is recognized as one of the oldest art tours in Los Angeles. Attendees will have the opportunity to discover, appreciate, and purchase exceptional art from Guadulesa Rivera and many others, while touring an eclectic mix of studios, homes and historic buildings.

Offerings include remarkable paintings in every genre, charming ceramics, dazzling wearable art, intricate metal works, hand-crafted musical instruments, finely crafted drawings and prints, sophisticated tapestries, and one-of-a-kind jewelry, paintings, fine art, and more.

The tour on Sunday the 24th is a ticketed event. Tickets are $15.00 to attend, or $10.00 if tickets are bought in advance.

For more information on the art tour, contact:

council of white robes
Council of White Robes, By Guadulesa Rivera