Grace Lee Works With Tony Tarantino On His New Flick ‘PRISM’

The police drama Prism, based on the book Color of the Prism, reflects a blending of fact and fiction into a journey of intrigue, love, betrayal, greed and tragedy in this most exciting of police stories set on the Arizona-Mexico border. This figures to be a nonstop, action packed shootout that culminates the passion and crime. Movies like these need prominent actors to make sure the roles are portrayed the right way.

Tarantino Productions went searching for the right people, when they stumbled upon Grace Arabella Lee, an up and coming actress looking for the right break. After meeting with Tony Tarantino, Grace was given her opportunity to shine as the supporting actress on this project. Tony said, “When we met with Grace, we knew right away we were looking at the actress to take us to the tops of the box office.” The program also stars Robert Wagner as a detective.

As the film is in preproduction, the days are counting down until its revelation. These projects take time to finalize, as perfection cannot be rushed. Hailed as one of the most illustrious police stories to hit the theaters in some time, the Color of the Prism and its non-traditional ending illuminate the true world of crime and corruption unseen by most people.

Tony Tarantino has been involved in the music and film industry for many years. Tarantino Productions produces and directs their own projects as well as ones from the outside. He has recently produced a television interview show, co-hosted a radio talk show and in 1998 worked on four films. Tony has completed the writing of his original screenplay titled “New Horizons”. From its inception, Tony wrote the lead character for Tom Cruise. As an involved member of SAG, Tony is always looking for the accolades to roll in a crusade to stay recognized in the business he so loves.

Grace Arabella Lee is an up and coming actress that finally is receiving the accolades she deserves for all her hard work in the filming industry. She is a mesmerizing SAG Actress who has conquered the obstacles in her path on her way to greatness. As a former American Radio Network talk show personality for KCLA, Grace has used her experience of public perception to give her the inside track to stardom. Her upcoming role in the movie Prism conveys to the audience how authentic her talents are and how they stand up to some of the most proficient actresses in the industry today.