Go Now: Iron Man is In The Works for a Sequel

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CBS Beams Out Moonlight

Fans will be out for blood, as Moonlight will not be renewed for next season. Originally compared to the WB series, Angel, about a private eye vampire, Moonlight proves to be more like Beauty and the Beast (1987-1990), another CBS romantic-fantasy cult favorite. Ron Koslow created both shows.

Moonlight won this year’s People Choice Awards for “Favorite New TV Drama”. Still, despite a devoted fan following that includes doing a blood drive, TV Guide Online states that the reason behind the cancellation is due to Moonlight‘s ratings with Ghost Whisperer as its lead-in.

The final episode will air this Friday at 9pm on CBS. However, Mick St. John makes you women have your blood pumping, then go online at Moonlight Information Archive.

Superhero News

With being the number-one movie in America for the second week in a row, Iron Man is in the works for a sequel. The film so far has taken in almost $180 million at the US Box Office. Robert Downey, Jr. is on board for the sequel as billoniare/industralist playboy Tony Stark and his armor-plated heroic alter-ego. Iron Man 2 is scheduled to be released on April 30, 2010.

But he won’t be the only Man of Steel returning, because as they say — the original is always the best. Actor Brandon Routh recently told SCIFI Wire that a sequel to 2006’s Superman Returns is in the works. It will be called Superman: Man Of Steel (did I say that already?), with director Bryan Singer on board and Routh expects that filming will start early next year.

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