Go Now: Daytime Emmy Nominations

Hello, this is Garrett Godwin, and it is time to Go Now. On this special edition, I’m here to give the nominations for Outstanding Drama for the 35th Annual Daytime Emmys Awards, which is tomorrow night on ABC. Ready?

Here are The Nominees for Outstanding Drama in Daytime:

General Hospital (ABC)

The Young & The Restless (CBS)

One Life to Live (ABC)

Guiding Light (CBS)

Predictions: GH continues to have a dark year of storylines the 24-like Metro Court hostage crisis, fan favorite characters being killed off, and how the town of Port Charles come to terms with these life-changing events.

Y&R has been attacked for putting plot first rather than characters and relationships. However, it has been good with pregnant Victoria Newman in a coma, as her family and loved ones tried to decide whether to save her life or the life of her child — causing more friction between Genoa City supercouple Victor and Nikki. OLTL has brought back popular characters back to Llanview for the funeral of business tycoon/rogue cowboy Asa Buchanan, and some say it has gotten back on track creatively with the Viki-Charlie romance as well as righting wrongs from the scab writers such as the John/Talia/Antonio “triangle.”

Snubs: Days of Our Lives has been a surprise in the nominations after being snubbed for the past several years due to its writing under Passions‘ James Reilly. But recently, it has showed improvement focusing more on family and relationships while still bringing conflict and romance in Salem. It should be nominated in this category, as everyone mourned for the “death” of John Black. All My Children is also another that has been criticized as well as for its writing. Still, this soap should be nominated, as the Kane-Montgomery-Lavery-Slater brood struggle to deal with the accident that cause little Spike to be hearing-impaired from their own perspectives.

Remember that tickets for the Daytime Emmys are still on sale, so this is your last chance. And don’t forget to post comments at the Soaps section at TV Guide. The 35th Annual Daytime Emmys will be broadcast (except on the West Coast) at the Kodak Theatre tomorrow night at 8pm on ABC — and it’s hosted by AMC‘s Cameron Mathison and The View‘s Sherri Shepherd.