Conversation with Will Roberts: Alec Baldwin Case and On-Set Firearm Safety

Alec Baldwin Case

In the wake of the tragic shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin’s latest film, the conversation about firearm safety on movie sets has never been more pertinent. We sat down with Will Roberts, an acclaimed actor and renowned firearms expert, to delve into the complexities of this issue.


Alan Gray: Will, there’s been a lot of heated discussion about Alec Baldwin’s responsibility in the recent on-set tragedy. What’s your take on this – is Baldwin guilty?

Will Roberts: Alan, it’s a multi-layered situation. While Baldwin should have been aware of the off-set target practice that was occurring, it’s crucial to understand the protocols of a movie set. Unlike a gun range, an actor’s interaction with firearms is highly controlled. They perform specific actions as choreographed, and the armorer has the pivotal role of ensuring the gun’s safety, which includes showing the actor that the weapon is ‘cold’ or empty.

Alan: So, you believe that actors shouldn’t be held liable in such situations?

Will Roberts on Alec Baldwin case commentary. Photo: NewsBlaze.
Will Roberts on Alec Baldwin case commentary. Photo: NewsBlaze.

Will: Exactly. If we start holding actors accountable for the technical aspects that are clearly under the armorer’s purview, we erode trust in the professionalism of the set. We hire experts so actors can focus on their craft, trusting that the props they are handed are safe.

Alan: With your experience on sets and as a cowboy reenactor, have you witnessed lapses in firearm safety?

Will: Unfortunately, yes. Even among those who claim expertise, I’ve seen a lack of respect for the weapon and the rules. It’s a constant: always treat a gun as if it’s loaded, and never bring live ammunition onto a set or a reenactment.

Alan: Do you think politics are playing a role in how people are reacting to Baldwin’s case?

Will: Absolutely. Many are quick to judge based on Baldwin’s public persona and his stance on guns, allowing their politics to cloud their judgment of the incident. It’s important to approach this with reason and an understanding of on-set dynamics.

Alan: What’s your message to the industry following this incident?

Will: We must reinforce our safety protocols and ensure that everyone, from actors to armorers, is diligent. And let me be clear – live ammo has no place on a set. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, but let’s not confuse the roles and expertise required in a complex environment like a film set.

This conversation with Will Roberts not only sheds light on the intricacies of firearm handling on set but also calls for a balanced and informed discussion about safety, responsibility, and the importance of expertise in the entertainment industry.

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