Fifth Season of Burn Notice Full of Secrets

The new season of Burn Notice is a parallel to The Fall of Sam Axe, where Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) returns to the spy game after being the cold in sunny Miami for four years, with former Melrose Place (MP) resident Grant Show as CIA agent Max and McDreamy ex Lauren Stamile (Grey’s Anatomy) as fellow operative Kim Pearce, who will be looking into the death of one of her own with the aid of the man who may have been responsible: Michael, whose friendship with Sam (Bruce Campbell) may be put to the test now that the former is once again a “Company Man.”

The same might be said with the relationship between Michael and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), who always had reservations of him getting back in because, as she said in the pilot, a spy is a criminal with a government paycheck. Still, according to Campbell in his interview with USA Today while promoting the prequel, Mike and Fi remain both “the tortured couple” and “star-crossed lovers.” And while on the subject of romance, Sam will be involved with a hotel heiress this season, and will drive a brand-new, white Cadillac.

And as for Jesse Porter (Coby Bell), he will leave his job as a counter-intelligence agent and return to Miami to go into private security, and get his own place.

TV Guide‘s “Mega Buzz” from last week stated that the show is currently looking for someone to play Michael’s “doppelganger”, enlisted by very powerful yet dangerous individuals with not-so-good intentions, and is not very bright on how to deal with this situation.

Season five of Burn Notice begins airing Thursday, June 23 on USA Network; season four comes out on DVD June 7.

Garrett Godwin is an entertainment journalist, who writes for NewsBlaze about television and people in the entertainment industry, from his home state of Michigan. Contact Garrett by writing to NewsBlaze.