Dr. Laura Schlessinger Quits over Use of N-Word

After creating a fury last week when she used the N-word nearly a dozen times in a matter of about five minutes on her radio show, the outspoken Dr. Laura Schlessinger reportedly announced Tuesday night that the upset has forced her to quit the program. “I want to regain my First Amendment rights,” Schlessinger reportedly stated,” And she reportedly went on, “I want to be able to say what’s on my mind without somebody getting angry.”

Talent Manager and film producer Bruce Edwin- who represented the guitarist for Michael Jackson; David Williams, a black gentleman who also passed away last year, states, “Most I have spoken with feel that it is a good thing that Schlessinger is quitting. She wasn’t just reciting lines at a table read from a racist movie at a production meeting (that action recently caused one high level Hollywood V.P. to take heat), she was speaking to the public. This has nothing to do with first amendment rights, and everything to do behaving well in a civilized society, and with treating all races with respect.”

Bruce Edwin, who is Caucasian, went on, “I deal with many in the African American community, and most of them don’t use that word or want to hear it at all. Some of the younger black entertainers I work with, and people such as David, would use the word, but as he told me, his reason for using the word was to attempt to lessen its power by coming from a black man, to take the power from that word back. He laughed one time and told me that he could call me that word, but that I could never say it to him. The fact is, most black folks never want to hear that word at all, especially from someone outside of their race.” The producer and manager goes on, “It is irresponsible and foolish for any white person to use that word. I have not heard from one person who is sad to hear that Laura Schlessinger quit.”