Christian Survey says: The Pursuit and Freedom of Religion

A recent Wilson Research Strategies survey commissioned by Open Doors USA has stated that 54% of Christians across the United States believe that the freedom of religion should be given top priority when it comes to developing the nation’s foreign policy.

“The persecution of Christians”, stated Open Doors USA President/CEO Carl Moeller, “in the world today is on the rise, with an estimated 100 million suffering some sort of repression and even death for their faith.

“The findings of this study demonstrate that senators McCain and Obama must address the issue of religious freedom in their foreign policy positions if they are intent on winning the vote of faithful Christians.”

The freedom of religion is also important to 60% of those who go to church most frequently, compared with 40% of Christians who don’t go. Of special importance, almost 100% of those that listen to Christian radio strongly agree that freedom of religion is one of the basic rights as a human being.

“Open Doors commissioned this study to try to understand what Christians in America feel about religious freedom” Moeller responded. “Clearly, it is a priority.”

Source: Christian Newswire