Celebrity Makeup Artist Omayma Ramzy Reveals Secret Influence

Celebrity Makeup Artist Omayma Ramzy reveals one of her secret influences and secret weapons of choice, that she employs in working behind the scenes as one of the fastest rising stars of fashion. As reported earlier on ABC news, Omayma Ramzy recently expanded from her homeland of London, England to the entertainment capitol of the world – Los Angeles, California.

Ultimately serving as President and CEO over her own Makeup and Styling Company, Omayma still works as a leading make-up artist to the stars in Hollywood, and for some of the biggest designers and production companies in the world of entertainment.

Model; Dana Tynes, Photo Credit; Michael Blank; Makeup by Omayma Ramzy. All rights reserved.
Model; Dana Tynes, Photo Credit; Michael Blank; Makeup by Omayma Ramzy. All rights reserved.

From Working with Men to Women in Fashion

“There are so many differences in makeup for men and women,” makeup artist to the stars Omayma Ramzy says. She says, “Makeup for film or camera, is really just a tool, like to show the skin, to show peoples faces look a certain way, how they do in every day life.” She explains, “When you have people being filmed, you don’t want to distract from the overall message, by having a blemish, or uneven skin, or dry skin. For men, the objective is not trying to make them look like a woman – unless that’s the intention, then in which case – absolutely,” but, generally she adds, “The main thing is just the way the camera reads its environment, to look consistently a certain way when filming.” She says, for men, it is just “very simple light makeup, that is more about evening out the skin, than anything.”

Cultural Differences of Makeup

The differences in makeup throughout culture, Omayma reveals, “Makeup is so big throughout these things; color, structure, and texture. So it is completely different and really fascinating to me how different ethnicities find different things beautiful and aesthetic.” She explains, “It is quite amazing to me when you speak to people and find for example, how most Korean people want to be pale, contrasting that to the Western world, where it is totally different. Here in Los Angeles, it’s like, people want to be very glowy, and healthy – almost sun-kissed; almost a classic look. And it’s just really endlessly fascinating to me when you learn about the history of different cultures, and how makeup trends influenced and are influenced by the history of the area.”

Talking about her own ethnicity, Omayma says, “Say for example, the culture of Egypt. I’m half Egyptian, and the Arab trend for women is very heavy eye makeup, and and heavy face makeup. When they decide to show their face, it is a very strong look, and which personally I think has had a strong influence in makeup now, and is a very strong look. And personally, I think Egypt and this area has had a strong influence. What women feel comfortable doing, and how they want to be seen – this all holds a big impact. And I think the same goes in so many different cultures.”

Model; Katty Ukhanova; Photo Credit; Michael Blank; Makeup by Omayma Ramzy. All rights reserved.
Model; Katty Ukhanova; Photo Credit; Michael Blank; Makeup by Omayma Ramzy. All rights reserved.

Omayma continues, “I come from London, where I was raised, and London as a city has such a diverse – almost a network of cultures; you have almost any culture, color, class, and so many different histories that have kind of morphed together, and yet still remain separate. You can really see that in a place like London where you have so, so many different trends in makeup, from all of these different cultures, and different histories of people.”

Secret Influence Revealed

Looking back in time, Omayma says, “The history of makeup for example, is very fascinating. I have a book, which I study very regularly for fashions in makeup by Richard Corson; a chronology of makeup called ‘Fashions in Makeup: From Ancient to Modern Times.’ It is such a revelation to me that the makeup in the 18th century in France was drastically different than makeup in the 18th century in England; say for example, with the way women had their wigs or hair as such clear differences. And it was such a surprise to me to look in modern times, at makeup styles in Asia contrasted to earlier, historical periods. This is a very interesting topic of study.”

About Omayma Ramzy

As noted earlier on Fox news, Beauty-World business leader and Celebrity Makeup Artist Omayma Ramzy recently expanded from her homeland of London, England, trailblazing as an international artist, and in high demand. As controlling President and CEO of her own leading edge Makeup and Styling Company, Omayma still makes the time to work herself as one of the top few, Lead Makeup Artists to the Stars, serving many of the biggest designers and top production companies in the world.

As reported earlier on NewsBlaze, the Award Winning international talent behind the scenes has done makeup for many stars including Leah Thompson (Back to the Future), Georgie Flores (Famous In Love), Jessica Gomes (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model), Jade & Tanner Tolbert (The Bachelor), and Marisol Nichols (Riverdale), among many others. She recently did makeup for the film “Anthem,” starring Peyton List and Cameron Monaghan, as well as “External Living,” directed by leading fashion photography Ben Cope, among others. The star Makeup Artist recently wrapped both makeup and hair on Sofia Vergara’s sexy new underwear line “Empowered by You,” for girls – coming soon to stores world-wide.

As noted from The Hollywood Sentinel, Omayma Ramzy has also done commercial work for global brands including; Sparkling ICE, Ford, Cisco, Buzzfeed, Target, and Samsung, among many more. The Star Makeup Artist’s outstanding work for national and international print publications exemplify the beauty industry, with her work as Lead Makeup Artist for magazines including; NYLON, I-D Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, and Damaged Goods Magazine – shot by Mynxii White, among others. Omayma’s work on T.V. shows include KTLA, and Hollywood Today Live, and she was also recently interviewed as one of the world’s leading makeup experts, for the international fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine NYLON. Her recent work on the project PRE, just earned her the coveted “Los Angeles Film Award for Best Makeup Artist 2017.”

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Omayma Ramzy. Photo Credit: Elena Kulikova

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