Beware of T-Mobile

When my cell phone stopped working recently, I attempted calling T-Mobile to get a replacement phone, which I was willing to sign a contract to get- I had formerly been on month to month- or so I was told.

After trying to sell me a new phone that I did not want, a woman named Britney in the Oklahoma City office of T-Mobile began arguing with me that I signed a two year contract for a free phone which I did not sign.

I know this for a fact because as someone who creates and hands out contracts to be signed on a near daily basis, I am very aware of what I sign, and am one of the perhaps few that actually reads all the fine print of anything that I do sign, and I know for certain that I did not sign a two year contract.

I asked Britney to fax me a copy of the contract with my signature on it, because it did not exist, and she said she could not do that because she had no such copy. Britney with T-Mobile did not care about the truth, and kept arguing with me that I signed a two year contract.

I contacted the president of the company about the matter who failed to return my call. Weeks later, his assistant finally returned my call, and insisted that our phone call would be recorded.

After indicating to her that The United States Federal Government had e-mailed me documents indicating that I have a right to refuse my call being recorded by a utility company-which they have, among outlining my further rights- she stated that my only option then was to communicate with them by mail.

Beware of shady salespeople with T-Mobile attempting to get commissions or bonuses by fabricating year plus contracts which you do not agree to. Further, one of our associates was just scammed by T Mobile on an ‘automatic bill pay’ that she did not authorize. They claim she authorized money to be taken out of her checking account to pay a bill three weeks in advance that was not even due yet, after she has just paid a bill a week earlier, and did not authorize any auto pay.

Since T Mobile is in limbo to be potentially sold to AT&T if they don’t get blocked by anti monopoly laws, it seems that this once good company is turning crooked.