Beating Invalidation as an Artist: by Yanay

Beating Invalidation as an artist is perhaps, one of the greatest challenges any artist must overcome. But how does one succeed in doing this? Fine Artist Yanay shares here with NewsBlaze just how.

Influenced by all from Chagall and Monet to da Vinci, International Fine Artist Yanay discussed recently on ABC news why art is still relevant to culture.

Art comes from an impulse inside the artist, despite all obstacles!”
– Yanay

About the Artist:

Fine artist Yanay (Jana Jakesova) was born and raised in the romantic city of Prague, Czech Republic. Frequenting and living in many other great countries in Europe, she has also lived in Australia, South Africa, and the United States, which enabled her to meet many great people, and expand her world view of life in a huge way.

Child Artist to Professional Painter

The love of art; and her passion and talent for it, which has been her favorite activity all her life, blossomed at an early age. When she was just a small girl in kindergarten, Yanay’s teacher noticed her talent, and employed her to create postcards for every one of the mothers, to mail to them on Mothers Day!

Artistic Training in Prague

Receiving professional training, Yanay attended the arts schools of College of Fine Arts, for painting and decorative design, and the College of Applied Arts, for commercial graphic arts and advertisement; both in Prague. Also a writer and poet, she further attended, graduated, and later served as Faculty of Sociology and Journalism at the esteemed Charles University of Prague, which yet further broadened her reality of life, and her numerous language abilities. She then embarked upon further world studies, including the education of spiritual philosophy.

Training vs. Action

Yet despite her scholarly background, Yanay admits that any education can not replace practice and hard work. It is with that understanding that she became tireless in all work she put her mind to. She stated earlier this month on Fox News, “Art is some way a part of my personality. Even when I was focused on other activities in my life, I always turned back to this kind of creation. I consider that one of the purposes of my life is to give people valuable aesthetics and beauty through my art.”

She continued, as earlier stated on ABC news, “The best teachers are not always in schools. The most valuable things we can learn are from the masters throughout history, which can serve as a great inspiration, as well. Art is a visual language. Its purpose is communication. This is the challenge! I have developed my simple style. This is necessary for artistic recognition, but this does not mean that I will keep to this particular style for an entire lifetime. Creative transition can be made by artists, and I intend to evolve even further.”

Yanay continues, as reported earlier on NBC News, “To find the way which is unique, yet still be understood, is not easy. Competition is sharp. There are plenty of excellent contemporary artists out there. I want to see all artists succeed! I know that any artist can evolve, and find people who like their art, when they have something to say through their work which comes from their soul. When I sell my pictures, it motivates me greatly, because I see it is wanted and valued enough for buyers to want it. I am not the kind of an artist who works for merely self-satisfaction, but also for my viewers. I love to know that people are getting what they want with my work!”

Advice to Succeed for Other Artists

She adds, “Even though we live in the digital-age where things are made by computers,” Yanay reminds, “nothing can replace the energy and love which is put into a handmade picture!” Giving advice to other artists, Yanay urges, “Do not give up! Avoid critics who themselves cannot paint! Listen only to constructive critics; those expert in the great artists who may actually show you how to improve. Educate yourself regarding the techniques, but find your own way to express yourself. Do not agree with invalidation for example; that you are not so genial or great as Leonardo da Vinci; so you should find a better way to make a living! The main thing is to have your own confidence in your own creations, and to have something to communicate to the world. Art comes from an impulse inside the artist, despite all obstacles!”

The Role of the Artist in Society

Yanay asks, as earlier posted on Fox News; “Can you imagine if all of the arts would disappear from the world? What a poor word it would be! To me, the role of the artist is to enrich the world of people in everyday life, and communicate with people on a high spiritual level, in this manner of aesthetics; to touch souls, and to lead the viewers to find their own answers. Art is a reflection of the society from which it arises. It is a cultural conversation in which everyone is participating, and in which everyone responds in his or her own unique way, and through which everyone can grow by dreaming of their own contribution to this dialogue.”

Yanay adds, “The world which we experience and create through a variety of emotions, ideas and reality can be improved. Struggle and pleasure are a part of life. Life should be enjoyed, and we can find beauty in all parts of it, as the spiritual beings that we are. We can say the most; by the most simple means. It is this poetry of life and the reflections of the world created by the soul of the artist, that gives meaning to the other people on this planet. I think that both the arts, and philosophy are ultimately and intimately concerned with this; with what lies beyond the physical reality as the actuality of life. This theme should be a part of the arts; to be discovered by artists. This is what I want to share. For me,” Yanay reveals, “Art is everything. It is my life; my philosophy; my entire existence! I am an artist. I live through art. And I trust that I can contribute to your life because of it. My wish,” Yanay says, “Is to let you discover the world through my eyes, and my spirit. It will be a pleasure for you to be a part of my creative journey. I invite you to explore and collect my art; it is created for you!”

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