Award Winning Artist and Author Anne Fewell Discusses The Creative Process

Anne Fewell was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and has a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) with a major in painting and minor in sculpture. When she was six years old, she surprised herself by drawing a realistic picture of a cow at which point her teacher suggested to her mother that she be encouraged, as she had talent as an artist.

From that point on, Anne continued creating art, and won several contests in junior high and high school with several articles in the press. She then decided to further her career at Kansas City Art Institute where she pursued painting and found a great interest in sculpture. Her painting instructor for three years suggested she continue as he stated, “You will prove something.”

At an art show at KCAI, Anne was told that one of her drawings was purchased by a representative from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and was the only art that he had purchased from that show.

Anne Fewell: Artist / Author

Never Change a Writer’s Words

While at KCAI she had continued her interest in writing short stories and poetry and in a Creating Writing class taught by Sam Poor, who Anne stated, “looked like he just stepped out of a Dickens’ novel.” He reportedly would read her writings and commented to the class that they spoke “genius.” One of her poems that she had put a great deal of thought into was published via Mr. Poor in a University of Kansas paper. Mr. Poor and another professor from the university decided to change one word in the poem. When Anne saw the change in the press, she literally waited in the bushes for Mr. Poor to walk down campus and as he approached, popped out at him from the bushes, expressing her displeasure of the editing at which point he blurted out an apology.

Award Winning Sculptor and Fine Artist

Since that time, Anne has continued painting, sculpting and writing (without having her words changed), and has her art works in public and private collections, including collections of celebrities throughout the United States. She has won several awards. More recently she has produced over 150 paintings and sculptures for a library in California and has had some of her paintings and bronzes donated to a private collection in the San Diego State University.

Children’s Author

Anne is also author of a New Christmas Classic, “Merrywinkle, The Adventures of Santa’s Big Brother,” which was debuted in Sedona, Arizona where she was interviewed on three Arizona TV stations, as well as volumes of press and several magazines.

She was listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the West and published in Artists / USA. She has had multiple press coverage around the United States and has appeared on radio as well as TV regarding her art and writing.

tweddle fewell art
tweddle fewell art

Living a Life of Art

Revealing her philosophy as an artist, Anne states; “The best there is in an individual is their ability to create, not only in the visual arts but in music, dance…any of the arts. And even in life. Just creating one’s life as an art form may be one of the highest forms. I relish helping other artists to get their work into the culture for the simple fact that the planet needs their aesthetics, a carrier wave which can melt negative emotions. Imagining a world without art? Well, all I think of is a gray existence.”

Learning from the Masters

Anne continues, “I have found that to inject life into a work is a lesson from Masters, and after years of absorbing their work, I have concluded that the volume of life injected into a work determines its greatness. Regardless of the art form I create, I attempt to follow their lead.”

Anyone Can Create Art

She goes on, “My thoughts for anyone; even if they say that they can’t draw, is that each person has creative ability in something, whatever puts fire in their veins and pulls them up from some of the grimness life can throw at them. Just try it!”

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