Art for Charity: Another 100 Days of Art and Daily Doodle

Eight months ago, whilst wracking my brains for a way to overcome my apparent inability to keep a Sketchbook, I came up with a simple idea; one new drawing a day on my website, every day, for a 100 day period. And what’s more, I’d also announce this to my friends and family and share the link online meaning that I would look stupid, pathetic and lacking of stamina and/or talent should I back out and would be forced to live out the rest of my days as a hermit, cut adrift from society.


Fast forward to August 2010, and the project has been long completed. In a somewhat inevitable twist, I decided that my life doesn’t quite have enough deadline-induced stress in it at the moment and so I’ve decided to launch the second series of ‘100 Days of Art’ on my website. This time, the difference is that I’ll be asking for sponsorship which shall be pointed in the direction of Ideally I want to raise Pounds 100, Pounds 1 per illustration, but anything I get will be a bonus. If you have the money to donate and appreciate the project, please visit this sponsorship link. You can also view the daily-updated project (which began, fittingly, on Friday 13th) by heading over to Another 100 Days of Art.

Another Illustrator that is in the thick of their own art-marathon for a good cause is Staffordshire Designer/Illustrator Stina Jones who has been running her Daily Doodle project since the beginning of the year.


“One of the biggest challenges I’ve found is learning how to not be so precious about my artwork, but to be spontaneous, creating quickly without fear of criticism,” she comments. But despite the inevitable problems that come with such a project (creative block is the ugly monster that rears its head the most), Daily Doodle has a following of over 400 people on Facebook who donate (she collects sponsorship money for the worthy homeless charity, Shelter) and buy prints. You can add your name to that list by visiting her own Sponsorship page.

So wish us both luck… and if you can’t find me to wish me luck, I’ll be in the attic, getting my Hermit things ready.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams is a freelance writer and Illustrator who graduated in 2010 with a Degree in Creative Arts For Employment, earning a Distinction. He has an interest in environmental, activist and ethical issues and is also passionate about music, film and humour. Recognised by the Association of Illustrators as an emerging talent, some of Paul's Illustration work can be found on the web.