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Paul Williams is a freelance writer and Illustrator who graduated in 2010 with a Degree in Creative Arts For Employment, earning a Distinction. He has an interest in environmental, activist and ethical issues and is also passionate about music, film and humour. Recognised by the Association of Illustrators as an emerging talent, some of Paul’s Illustration work can be found on the web.

Schrodinger’s Stig

Commentary on the legal battle between the BBC and Ben Collins over his identity as The Stig.

Art for Charity: Another 100 Days of Art and Daily Doodle

Announcing the recent launch of my 'Another 100 Days of Art' fund-raising project, and looking at how other artists are doing similar things.

The Television Make-Over Show: a Sign of The Coming Apocalypse

Whilst idly channel hopping today I came across 10 Years Younger: The Bus Pass Challenge, the television equivalent of falling down a sheer vertical drop with brain-bashing rocks and thick branches on the way down...

Lost: Top 5 Episodes plus Epilogue review

A review of the upcoming DVD 'Epilogue' Extra, plus my pick of the five best episodes in the series.

Book Review: The Life & Deaths of a Stand-Up Comedian

Stewart Lee is a comedian that has never been far from controversy in recent memory. Whether it be being sued for Blasphemy for his role in bringing Jerry Springer: The Opera to the masses.