Are those 100 dollar Haircuts Really Worth It?

Hairstylist to the stars, Alba Mery Vasquez at Salon on 7th in Los Angeles explains why they are.

Hailing from Vidal Sassoon, Alba won’t name names of the stars she works with, stating that the reason they keep coming back to her, or her to them as the case may be (she travels to their mansions and the movie sets), is because she keeps their names and personal stories they share confidential.

We asked her what everyone wants to know, “What is the difference between a hundred dollar hair cut and a 20 dollar hair cut?”

Alba states, “There is a big difference, because someone with a $100 price will give a consultation which covers every need of the client. For example, we discuss the type of hair they have, the shape of their face, the client’s personality, how the look of the hair will relate to the business they are in, and we provide a great finish hair style.”

milka with alba
Image: Actress Milka Munoz, 2010, The Hollywood Sentinel.

Alba adds, “Some clients look great when they leave the salon, but when they are home they don’t know how to style their hair. That’s why going to a professional hair salon is so important. The top stylist will teach the customer how to style their hair when they are done with the client, this makes them look and feel good. And of course, we are there for the celebrity any minute they need us.”

An added benefit that hairstylists to the stars give, including Alba, is a great massage after the hair is done. We asked her, “How did you learn to give a massage?” Alba tells us, “When I went to Vidal Sassoon Academy, they trained me on how to give massages. Giving a massage was part of caring for the client and giving good service to the customer. I do head and neck massages for select clients, and they love it!”

We spoke with one male celebrity, and he confessed that he spends close to a hundred on his hair, but it’s not for the hair cut. “It’s for that massage,” he admits. “It’s not even about the hair!”

So in addition to the greater skill, expertise, time, attention, and follow up, the stars get extra pampering; the experience is the thing, and those who frequent Alba know that to be true. She’s not at the salon often, as she’s usually on call, but when she is, the rich and powerful who drop in without an appointment have been known to wait around all day just to see her. I have a devoted following she says. Once they start coming to see me, they stay with me for good, I make sure of that.”

As a way to give back to the community, Alba is offering lower, non celebrity rates to new clients for the month of April and May.

Alba may be contacted at 323-855-3894. Alba at Salon on Seventh; 429 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014