Actress Jamie McCall Living The High Life

Actress Jamie McCall has lived a diverse life and has seemingly done it all.

She is a decorated former Navy Officer who served in Washington, DC as Speechwriter for an Admiral, served as Editor in Chief of Navy Recruiter Magazine and Protocol and Public Affairs Officer for several major events. She served two tours in Puerto Rico as Administrative and Community Relations Officer, as well as the Operations Officer for the islands.

“I have a long family history of naval service, including an Uncle, who was my mentor and a Top Gun fighter pilot. I was the first female in my family to serve, and I’m pretty proud of that. Things didn’t come easy,” said McCall.

jamie mccall with book
Jamie McCall with her book Living The High Life

After leaving active duty, McCall, like many before her, then relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She has been featured on several popular network television shows like Medium, Pushing Daisy’s and Grey’s Anatomy. McCall also had parts in several films, including, The Holiday (2006), with co-stars like Jack Black, Jude Law, God Complex (2009), and POE (2012).

McCall has also been known to do her own stunts as well as some producing. She is very involved with the recovery and Veterans communities.

Like many tales of Hollywood, all that glitters isn’t gold, at least that is what Jamie learned during her rise and fall and rise again. Her tale of alcoholism and addiction could almost be an E True Hollywood Story. McCall said, “Part of it was genetics; the other part of it was poor choices. I saw the line approaching and I crossed it. I had no coping skills and never dealt with painful issues from my past.”

On the road to recovery, McCall rekindled her passion for the screen and decided to continue pursuing her dream once again.

jamie mccall striped top
A smiling Jamie McCall, in a striped top

“I’ve been a performing artist since I was a little girl, mostly through dance and stage production. I did my first professional acting job down in Puerto Rico, which was my last duty station with the Navy, and got the bug. I’d also gotten back into dance. So what does one do when she loses everything and has nothing to lose? Go to Hollywood, of course,” said McCall.

Miss McCall is very down to earth given the bumpy road she has traveled and has even been able to see the humor in things around her. She says, “I have a funny but sad story about the desperation you witness. I was filming a music video, just as an extra, and an older man who’s been an extra for over 25 years, still trying to ‘make it,’ actually knocked the female principal actress over trying to get into frame”!”

When asked what keeps her going, McCall says, “Confidence and professionalism is crucial. We are always learning and improving! That never stops, no matter how much you think you’ve ‘mastered’ something. That’s the great thing about being human.”

McCall says her biggest achievement in the business is simply, “Working! Any time you get a gig as an actor, that’s a major achievement! But seriously, anytime you can evoke any kind of emotional or thoughtful reaction out of people, it’s a great feeling.” The people she most admires in the business are, “Daniel Day Lewis for the men, Meryl Streep for the ladies. There are others, but those are the top two for each gender.”

When asked if she could carry a film on her own McCall responded, “I could, I can, and I will.” Her dream in acting for the future is, “to be able to tell stories that inspire change and growth, and to entertain. My focus is on international roles, not just the American market. I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures. I was also a Linguist in the Navy, fluent in French and Spanish, and love learning other cultures’ styles of dance and ways of life.”

McCall’s latest project is a book the recounts her rise in show business titled “Living the High Life Without Drinking the Champagne.” She says, “The title came to me in what I call a ‘download’ from God at about two years sober, and I knew that this would be my ministry, or my message … my way of giving back. ‘Living the High Life Without Drinking the Champagne’ is raw, even gory at times, but is also hopeful and inspirational. It’s a true story of redemption and I’d like to think of it as a step by step guide book to starting over, for anyone who has something to overcome, not just alcoholics or addicts, and for anyone who knows there’s more out there for themselves!”

When asked if she had any words of wisdom for people out there seeking careers in show business McCall said, “The number one most important thing is to love yourself! I know that sounds cliche, but it’s the truth. Sometimes we just need to get back to basics. Mind, body, spirit integration is key. If any of those elements are neglected, you’ll have struggles. And be your OWN celebrity! After all, what is a celebrity but one whose life is celebrated? Whether that be as an amazing parent within your own family, or involvement within your community, or worldwide! With the internet and today’s global community, truly anything is possible!”

Jamie McCall’s book is currently available on Amazon for Kindle and Nook and on iTunes and in paperback on amazon. “Living the High Life Without Drinking the Champagne.”

jamie mccall whitehouse
Jamie McCall at the SAMHSA event

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