A Helping Hand Remembered

A Helping Hand Remembered

Life has a never-ending way of bringing surprises into our lives.

Such was the case with Gail Duncan, the owner of The Art Hotel in Laguna Beach, California. Gail had arrived from Detroit, after visiting her father on Father’s Day, sharing with him his 90 birthday.

That Tuesday, a couple arrived in the lobby of the Art Hotel with overwhelming smiles on their faces – not checking in – but anxious to remind Gail about their stay at the hotel.

The couple, from Sweden were given a book by Joel Osteen from Gail at that time to Hayden the husband.

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From left to right Sarah Gail and Hayden

Hayden reminded Gail that he appreciated the book and had since attended a church service at Life Church. It was Hayden’s first visit to church, where he decided to dedicate his life to the Lord and has was reborn.

What is glorious about this story, is not only Hayden and his wife, Sarah going to church after reading Joel Osteen’s book, but on that visit three years ago, they were led by a group of Eagles.

Hayden and Sarah are both songwriters, and work as consultants for Sony in Sweden. They had arranged to do some consulting work for someone in Los Angeles.

Upon their arrival from Sweden, all the agreements that were made by the client and monies were not available and the agreement was cancelled. The couple were disappointed, but did not let that affect their travels. Hayden and Sarah decided to take a day off and drive to Laguna Beach for a day, before deciding what their next plan would be.

As they were driving along 1-133/ Laguna Canyon Road approaching Laguna Beach they saw a couple of eagles, one who flew alone; perhaps another species of eagle. At this point of the trip, Sarah and Hayden felt they were “welcomed” and “lead” to Laguna Beach.

Upon arriving in Laguna Beach, Hayden had selected the Art Hotel. When they had arrived, there was one sole eagle flying above the Art Hotel, welcoming them once again. Hayden and Sarah walked in the lobby, that’s when they noticed the Joel Osteen book… and their journey with the Lord deepened.

Gail Duncan planted the seeds that enriched the lives of Hayden and his wife Sarah and someone in Sweden planted seeds about Joel Osteen and his ministry.

That is the miracle of God.

Pete Allman
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